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Dear Group,

developers of free and open software (cf. Wikipedia: Free Software)
often face problems when they need ressources for background music. To
be able to distribute music with free software, the music has to be
licensed in a propper way (like GNU GPL).

As we can render nice music from MIDI sources (e.g. with timidity), I
wonder if there is a collection of free (like in freedom) MIDI files
(like creative commons)?

Otherwise I shall opt starting such kind of collection myself.

In case you created some MIDI files yourself (this is important) and
the composer is either dead for more than 100 years (or it is you!),
then these files might be interesting.

Any volunteers? The widest range of freedom is provided by the GNU
General Public Licence which allows the contribution for any means and
even the alternation and spreading of modified songs - as long as the
file is kept under this free license, and all major changes are logged
including their auctors. This secures that your name will stay attached
to the song. Otherwise you can publish the song as public domain - then
you loose any copyrights and the data can be spread without naming you.

IANAL - so please correct me, where I might have been unprecise. Thanks
for your attention,

with kind regards

Reply ralf (1) 8/6/2006 10:51:19 AM

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