M-Audio's "HyperControl"?

I suspect this is a futile question (:-)) but I thought I'd try...

Does anybody here use a DAW that connects with an M-Audio controller
through their HyperControl/DirectLink scheme?

I have an M-Audio Axiom49 that includes this feature, but as I don't
use Windows or Mac there are no supported DAWs. OTOH, if I could
figure out how it works, I could make good use of it!  A fair bit
of searching has failed to turn up anything useful, though.  It seems
to be highly prorietary.

The sort of thing that frustrates me is that the buttons all have LEDs,
which remain resolutely dark for me.  I use many of the buttons as
toggles, so a visual indication of state would be great.

The controller's USB connection has second In and Out MIDI ports
which I presume are involved in the protocol, but they seem to be
inactive whatever I try.  At a guess, there's probably a SysEx

If anybody has experience -- or even better, has hacked it! --
I'd love to know.


	-- Pete --

11/27/2016 10:11:04 PM
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