midi and yamaha p250 - help

I am hoping to find a midi guru that can help me with
recording on the yamaha p250 stage piano.  I can play
midi's from my computer thru the yamaha, but now I would
like to record them ( on the yamaha ) as they are played.

I have tried various midi settings and was able to get
a single track, but I am having difficulty getting the rest of
the tracks.  Can the yamaha record multiple tracks from a computer all at
once ?
or must I try and record 1 at a time ?
(which I can't figure out how to do  yet )

I am using band-in-a-box software to create accomp. and
I would like to store them as songs to play along with when
I play at special events.

Thanks in advance


5/8/2007 5:24:22 PM
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