midi music studio

I am a newbie - Actually learning keyboard - I write  songs and like to 
build a music studio (midi)
Now this is just for fun  - I got a computer - a key board - a mixer  - some 
speakers, a mic.
How do you connect everything together? where to start?
Maybe a silly question... but any good site to visit? What do you recommend 

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8/9/2005 12:12:03 PM
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I suggest you take one thing at a time, and start with getting midi

You need some sort of midi interface, either a joystick to midi cable
available at most music stores, or maybe a usb midi interface if you
have usb.

You have a big enough investment in gear, that I think you will
eventually want more midi gear, so I would suggest you buy a 2 or more
port midi interface.

I think you already have a sound card in your computer, most have them
new, but if yours does not, you need one.

You connect the midi interface to usb on your computer if you get a usb
type.  Otherwise you would connect to the joystick connector on the
soundcard..  Look carefully at the other ends of the cable, one is
labeled in and the other out.  You connect an in on that cable to out
on keyboard.  Connect out on keyboard to in on interface.  (its the
same for usb)

After you have a midi program for your computer, you probably will need
help setting it up if you have an ibm compatible.  Repost at that time,
and let us know what computer, what operating system, and what midi

Now you can just connect a mic to the mic input on your soundcard, and
do some recording of audio along with midi that way if your midi
program allows it.

But you want  a studio and get that mixer working, so I recommend you
read the manuel first real good, or take it to a music store and have
them check which output on it is a line output.

Your soundcard will have a line input, and you only want to connect
outputs that are line level to this input or you risk damage to your
ears, and maybe even a soundcard burn out, and speaker damage.

Now if your mixer has no line out, then you will have to connect an
output to the soundcards mic input instead.

An electric guitar can also be connected to this mic input, but it
would be better to use the mixer.

On some soundcards this is not a stereo input, so you might want to get
a different sound card, or mixer, or get a device that goes between
your mixer and the line input on your soundcard that will convert a
regular out to line level.  You can get or order these at music stores.
(I think all soundcards lineinputs are stereo)

Other options is trade in the mixer for one that has a line output on
it, or get an adapter.

Most soundcards only have enough power on the output to drive powered
amplified speakers such as computer speakers.  If you have some
speakers other than that, then your going to need a small amp between
your soundcards output and the speakers.

Its handy to buy some y adapters, and put one on some of the outputs,
so you can plug in an earphone to check the signal at that point, or
just use phones by turning off speakers, etc.

8/10/2005 8:34:41 PM