MidiNotate Composer Pro beta release

A beta of Notation Software's MidiNotate Composer Pro is available

MidiNotate Composer Pro is built on top of MidiNotate Composer, which
was released in October, 2004, and MidiNotate (now named MidiNotate
Musician), which was first released in 1998. Composer Pro and Composer
take advantage of MidiNotate's excellent MIDI-to-transcription engine--
the best in the industry.  Your MIDI keyboard recordings are notated
more cleanly by Composer and Composer Pro than by any other music

MidiNotate Composer Pro is the first truly integrated MIDI sequencer
and notation editor.  It offers the best combination of MIDI sequencing
and notation editing features of any music software.  Although
MidiNotate Composer Pro does not claim to have all of the features of a
full-featured MIDI sequencer or of a high-end notation editor, it has
most of the features of both.  There is no MIDI sequencer than has
better support for notation editing than MidiNotate Composer and
Composer Pro; and there is no notation editor that has better MIDI
sequencing support than MidiNotate Composer and Composer Pro.

MidiNotate Composer Pro adds these features to MidiNotate Composer:
* a MIDI event list view that is highly integrated with he notation
* extensive support for System Exclusive (SysEx) messages
* innovative support for key switch (KS) events such as are used by
  the popular Garritan Personal Orchestra (GPO) -- www.garritan.com
* mid-track channel changes

MidiNotate Composer Pro offers unsurpassed integration of MIDI
sequencing.  In addition to the above Composer Pro-only feature, the
following MIDI/notation integration features in Composer are also
included in Composer Pro:
* piano roll notation super-imposed on top of the score
* graphs of MIDI events, such as pitch bend, tempo, volume,
  and controller events, super-imposed on top of the score
* note velocity vectors that graphically display the loudness
  of each note

I encourage you to try out this beta release of MidiNotate Composer
Pro.  I'm proud of it, having worked an average of about 60 hours a
week for the last 10+ years on its development (plus a little time
spent on amateur marketing along the way :-)

If you have feedback, positive or negative, please offer it in any of
these ways you might prefer:
* join in the discussions at the Composer Pro section of
  Notation Software's forum at www.notation.com/MidiNotateForum.htm
* send feedback to support@notation.com
* reply to this thread in comp.music.mid

I hope nobody is offended by my announcing this beta release in
comp.music.midi, and by my enthusiasm for MidiNotate Composer Pro.  My
wife and I are trying to make a living doing music software, but this
is also a work of passion.

-- Mark Walsen
   Notation Software, Inc.

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3/20/2005 1:33:16 AM
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