In a network XP+Vista, using wireless Dlink DI-524, computers cannot see each other

Hi. I am adding a Vista laptop to my previously one-pc-network :-)))
which runs XP and uses an older DLINK DI-524 router and a cable modem.

After some tweaking, I succeeded last night to make both computers
access the net just fine, using wireless and WEP. However, no matter
what I've tried up to know, I cannot make them see each other - they
simply share a internet connection, and that's it - there's no actual

I have verified that both computers belong to the same workgroup,
named, interestingly enough, WORKGROUP. The desktop is named RADU, and
the notebook is named ALEXACER. I don't remember the username on RADU,
I have to check, but for sure the username for ALEXACER is ALEX. These
users don't have a password, therefore the passwored is identical....
Null :-))

I have set the network's type as Private, I have enabled File and
Printer Sharing, I have shared some actual folders on both
computers... to no avail. Do I need to have the same username on both
machines (say, ALEX), with the same password ? That would be stupid,
wouldn't it ? At work we have probably 5-6000 computers... and they
surely don't have the same username and password ! ;-)))))

Could you please advise me a bit ?


8/9/2007 8:18:07 PM
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