Multicast communication issue

Hi all,

I have a problem using multicast communication on Windows CE 5.0. I
don't really know if
I'm trying to do something wrong for the concept of multicast, or the
OS has a bug. I hope
someone can suggest me the right way to proceed, because I'm locked on
this issue.

I have implemented a very simple protocol. Every host on the network
can receive
something from another host and can send something to other hosts
using the multicast
group "" - port 65000. There is no concept of client/server
in this protocol. A
host can send the own information without have received anything and
the same host can
receive information without have sent anything. The send/receive
operations are
completely asynchronous and independent one from the other. Sometimes
the host can
first send and then receive and vice versa.

Well, I have tried different way of implementation of this protocol. I
have used the "one
socket implementation" and also the "two sockets implementation (one
for sending, the
other for receiving)". Wathever I do, the result is always the same,
that is the software
does not transmit if the multicast address has been joined and nothing
has been
received. It always transmits every time one packet has been received.

My idea is that joining the multicast address the TCP/IP stack always
acts as a UDP
server and transmits only if has received a packet. I have not found
any option to set
up the sockets in such a way to workaround this behaviour. But, maybe
I'm wrong in
my opinions and the solution is on the "dark side of the moon".

Everything suggested is very appreciated.

Best regards


8/12/2011 9:45:40 AM
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