Networking Problem, Setting up "Home Networking Wizard" with Windows XP

Networking Problem, Setting up "Home Networking Wizard" with Windows XP

Host Machine is XP Home Edition with satellite internet connected to USB, a
USB hub is running off of this machine with 3 clients. Client A (laptop) has
Windows ME, Client B has 98 SE and C has 98. Client A can see the host, the
host can see client A and I have successfully set up internet connection
sharing on client A. Clients B and C cannot see the host and the host cannot
see them, however they can see each other.

The Workgroup for all machines is: MSWORKGROUP, all computer names are
different. Ran the "Network Setup Disk" for all 3 clients, clients B and C
I've had no success with. For the Host computer, with the "Network Setup
Wizard" I've selected the option "This computer connects to the network
directly through a network hub, other computers on my network connect
through this hub". For all, clients, I've selected the same option, no go,
tired the second option, no go. Should I try the third option "no internet
connection on the network" and set up the internet connection manually?

The hard drives for all machines are shared and internet connection is
shared running off of the host. Checked the Device Manager in Safe Mode for
B and C clients, no dupes for network adapters, in regular mode, the network
adapters have no conflicts IE: no red X, yellow ! in devman, (no conflicts
at all for any devices) network adapters are enabled, cleaned the startup
menu and rebooted, no go. Tried running XP Pro on client B and setting up
"Home Network Wizard" again. No go!

Can anybody give me an idea as to what the heck I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance


1/12/2004 6:31:42 AM
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