Call for Papers: World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science WCECS 2015

Call for Papers: World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science WCECS 2=

Draft Paper Submission Deadline: 2 July, 2015=20
Camera-Ready Papers Due & Registration Deadline: 30 July, 2015=20
WCECS 2015: San Francisco, USA, 21-23 October, 2015

The WCECS 2015 is organized by the International Association of Engineers (=
IAENG), a non-profit international association for the engineers and the co=
mputer scientists. The congress has the focus on the frontier topics in the=
 theoretical and applied engineering and computer science subjects. The WCE=
CS conferences serve as good platforms for our members and the entire engin=
eering community to meet with each other and to exchange ideas. Our last IA=
ENG conference has attracted more than one thousand participants from over =
30 countries, and our conference committees have been formed with over two =
hundred and sixty committee members who are mainly research center heads, f=
aculty deans, department heads, professors, and research scientists from ov=
er 20 countries.

All submitted papers will be under peer review and accepted papers will be =
published in the conference proceeding (ISBN: 978-988-19253-6-7). The abstr=
acts will be indexed and available at major academic databases. The accepte=
d papers will also be considered for publication in the special issues of t=
he journal Engineering Letters, in IAENG journals and in edited books. Revi=
sed and expanded version of the selected papers may also be included as boo=
k chapters in the standalone edited books under the framework of cooperatio=
n between IAENG and publishers like Springer. For reference, post-conferenc=
e edited books of our recent IAENG conferences like for example: Trends in =
Intelligent Systems and Computer Engineering, Advances in Communication Sys=
tems and Electrical Engineering, Advances in Industrial Engineering and Ope=
rations Research, Advances in Computational Algorithms and Data Analysis, a=
nd IAENG Transactions on Engineering Technologies etc., have been published=
 by Springer.

The WCECS 2015 is composed of the following 15 conferences (all will be hel=
d at the same location and date):  =20
International Conference on Computational Biology 2015
International Conference on Chemical Engineering 2015
ICCS 15=20
International Conference on Circuits and Systems 2015
International Conference on Computer Science and Applications 2015
International Conference on Communications Systems and Technologies 2015
International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Applications 2015
International Conference on Education and Information Technology 2015
International Conference on Intelligent Automation and Robotics 2015
International Conference on Internet and Multimedia Technologies 2015
International Conference in Modeling Health Advances 2015
International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Analysis 2015
International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Control 2015
International Conference on Soft Computing and Applications 2015
International Conference on Systems Engineering and Engineering Management =
International Conference on Signal Processing and Imaging Engineering 2015


WCECS 2015 is now accepting manuscript submissions. Prospective authors are=
 invited to submit their draft paper in full paper (any appropriate style) =
to WCECS{at}iaeng.org. The submitted file can be in MS Word format, PS form=
at, or PDF formats.

The first page of the draft paper should include:=20
(1) Title of the paper;=20
(2) Name, affiliation and e-mail address for each author;=20
(3) A maximum of 5 keywords of the paper.=20

Also, the name of the conference that the paper is being submitted to shoul=
d be stated in the email.=20

It is our target that the reviewing process and the result notification for=
 each submitted manuscript can be completed within one month from its submi=
ssion. The reviewing process is to ensure the quality of the accepted paper=
s in the WCECS congress. The conferences have enjoyed high reputation among=
 many research colleagues.

WCECS Congress Co-chairs  =20
Prof. Craig Douglas (WCECS Co-chair)
School of Energy Resources Distinguished Professor, Departments of Mathemat=
ics &=20
Director, Institute for Scientific Computation, University of Wyoming, USA
Former Senior Research Scientist (corresponding to nonteaching full profess=
Computer Science Department, Yale University, USA
Prof. Warren S. Grundfest, Fellow, AIMBE, SPIE (WCECS co-chair)=20
Co-Chair, Biomedical Engineering IDP=20
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Professor of Surgery=20
The Henry Samueli School of Engineering & Applied Science=20
University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Former Chair, SPIE Health Care Engineering & Technology Policy
Former Vice Chair, Health Care Engineering Policy Committee, IEEE
Prof. Jon Burgstone (WCECS & ICIMT co-chair)=20
Faculty Chair
Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology
College of Engineering
University of California, Berkeley, USA
Board Member of the Rock Center for Entrepreneurship at Harvard Business Sc=
hool, Harvard University
 Prof. Burghard B. Rieger (ICMLDA honorary co-chair)=20
Professor of Computational Linguistics=20
Former Dean (1999-2001) of Faculty of Languages and Literature
Former Head of Department of Linguistic Computing, University of Trier, Ger=
President (1989-93) of the German Society for Linguistic Computing (GLDV)
Vice-President (1990-94) of the International Society for Terminoly and Kno=
wledge Engineering (GTW)
Prof. Lei Xu (ICSCA honorary co-chair)
IEEE Fellow and IAPR Fellow,=20
Member of European Academy of Sciences,=20
Chair Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering,=20
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

More details about the WCECS 2015 can be found at:

It will be highly appreciated if you can circulate these calls for papers t=
o your colleagues.
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