Last Call for Papers Reminder (extended): International Conference on Computer Science and Applications ICCSA 2013

Last Call for Papers Reminder (extended): International Conference on Compu=
ter Science and Applications ICCSA 2013

CFP: International Conference on Computer Science and Applications ICCSA 20=
Draft Paper Submission Deadline (extended): 23 July, 2013=20
Camera-Ready Papers Due & Registration Deadline (extended): 6 August, 2013=
WCECS 2013: San Francisco, USA, 23-25 October, 2013

The conference ICCSA'13 is held under the World Congress on Engineering and=
 Computer Science WCECS 2013. The WCECS 2013 is organized by the Internatio=
nal Association of Engineers (IAENG), a non-profit international associatio=
n for the engineers and the computer scientists. The congress has the focus=
 on the frontier topics in the theoretical and applied engineering and comp=
uter science subjects. The WCECS conferences serve as good platforms for ou=
r members and the entire engineering community to meet with each other and =
to exchange ideas. Our last IAENG conference has attracted more than one th=
ousand participants from over 30 countries, and our conference committees h=
ave been formed with over two hundred and sixty committee members who are m=
ainly research center heads, faculty deans, department heads, professors, a=
nd research scientists from over 20 countries.

All submitted papers will be under peer review and accepted papers will be =
published in the conference proceeding (ISBN: 978-988-19252-3-7). The abstr=
acts will be indexed and available at major academic databases. The accepte=
d papers will also be considered for publication in the special issues of t=
he journal Engineering Letters, in IAENG journals and in edited books. Revi=
sed and expanded version of the selected papers may also be included as boo=
k chapters in the standalone edited books under the framework of cooperatio=
n between IAENG and publishers like Springer. For reference, post-conferenc=
e edited books of our recent IAENG conferences like for example: Trends in =
Intelligent Systems and Computer Engineering, Advances in Communication Sys=
tems and Electrical Engineering, Advances in Industrial Engineering and Ope=
rations Research, Advances in Computational Algorithms and Data Analysis, a=
nd IAENG Transactions on Engineering Technologies etc., have been published=
 by Springer.

The topics of the ICCSA'13 include, but not limited to, the following:

Theoretical computer science:
 Algorithmic information theory=20
Computability theory=20
Formal semantics=20
Theory of computation
 Analysis of algorithms and problem complexity=20
Logics and meanings of programs=20
Mathematical logic and Formal languages=20
Type theory=20

 Control structures and Microprogramming=20
Arithmetic and Logic structures=20
Memory structures=20
Input/output and Data communications=20
Logic Design=20
Integrated circuits=20
VLSI design=20
Performance and reliability=20

Computer systems organization:
 Computer architecture=20
Computer networks=20
Distributed computing=20
Performance of systems=20
Computer system implementation

Computing methodologies:
 Symbolic and Algebraic manipulation=20
Artificial intelligence=20
Computer graphics=20

Image processing and computer vision=20
Pattern recognition
 Speech recognition=20
Simulation and Modeling=20
Document and text processing=20
Digital signal processing=20

Computer applications:
 Administrative data processing=20
Enterprise resource planning=20
Customer relationship management=20
Human Resource Management Systems=20
Mathematical software=20
Numerical analysis=20
Automated theorem proving=20
Computer algebra systems=20
Physical science and Engineering=20
Computational chemistry=20
Computational physics=20
Life and medical sciences=20
Computational biology=20
Medical informatics=20
Social and behavioral sciences=20
Computer-aided engineering=20
Human-computer interaction=20
Speech synthesis=20
Usability engineering=20
Queueing theory

ICCSA Conference Committee:

Prof. Metin Basarir
 Professor, Department of Mathematics, Sakarya University, Turkey

Prof. Mohsen Beheshti
 Chair, Computer Science Department, NSM A-132, California State University=
, 1000 East Victoria, Dominguez Hills, Carson, USA

Prof. Pani Chakrapani=20
Professor and director, computer science program, University of Redlands, U=

Prof. John H. Chang (Ph.D. Yale; co-chair)=20
Professor and Chair, Computer Science Department, California State Universi=
ty San Marcos, USA

Prof. Shu-Ching Chen=20
Associate Professor and Director, Distributed Multimedia Information System=
Associate Director, The Center for Advanced Distributed System Engineering,=
School of Computing and Information Sciences, Florida International Univers=
ity, USA

Prof. Milind Dawande=20
Associate Professor, School of Management, University of Texas, Dallas, USA

Prof. Xu Du=20
Associate professor in Electronics and Information Engineering Department, =
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Prof. Burkhard Englert
 Associate Professor, Department of Comp. Engr. & Comp. Science, California=
 State University, Long Beach, USA

Prof. Mohammed Eyadat
 Professor, Computer Information Systems Department, California State Unive=
rsity, Dominguez Hills, Carson, USA

Prof. Wenying Feng=20
Associate Professor, Computer Science/Studies Program and Department of Mat=
hematics, Director, Applications of Modelling Graduate Program, Trent Unive=
rsity, Canada

Prof. Valery Gordon=20
Professor and Principal Researcher, United Institute of Informatics Problem=
s, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Belarus

Prof. Rocio Guillen=20
Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, California State Universi=
ty, San Marcos, USA

Prof. Min He=20
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Scienc=
e, California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, USA

Dr. Karim Kemih=20
Research scientist, Laboratory of Electromagnetism and Telecommunication, F=
aculty of Science and Engineering, University of Constantine, Algeria

Prof. Ching-Cheng Lee
 Professor and Dean of Information Technology, Olivet University, USA ;=20
Adjunct Professor in computer science at California State University at Eas=
t Bay

Prof. Igor Lemberski=20
Professor, Baltic International Academy, Latvia

Prof. Layuan Li (co-chair)
 Professor, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Wuhan University=
 of Technology, China;=20
Editor in Chief of the Journal of Wuhan University of Technology

Prof. Prabhat K. Mahanti (co-chair)
 Professor & Chair, Department of Computer Science applied Statistics, Univ=
ersity of New Brunswick, Canada

Prof. Issam Moghrabi=20
Professor of Math and Computer Sc. Dept., Faculty of Science, Beirut Arab U=
niversity, Lebanon

Prof. Panagiotis Petratos ( co-chair)
 Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Information Systems, Californi=
a State University, Stanislaus, USA

Prof. Xiaojun Qi=20
Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, Utah State University, US=

Prof. Chi Shen=20
Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, Kentucky State University=

Prof. Lixin Tao (co-chair)
 Professor, Computer Science Department, Pace University, USA

Prof. Ali Riza Yildiz=20
Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Bursa Technical =
University, Turkey

Dr. Shui Yu=20
Associate Lecturer, School of Engineering and IT, Deakin University, Austra=


WCECS 2013 is now accepting manuscript submissions. Prospective authors are=
 invited to submit their draft paper in full paper (any appropriate style) =
to WCECS{at}iaeng.org. The submitted file can be in MS Word format, PS form=
at, or PDF formats.

The first page of the draft paper should include:=20
(1) Title of the paper;=20
(2) Name, affiliation and e-mail address for each author;=20
(3) A maximum of 5 keywords of the paper.=20

Also, the name of the conference that the paper is being submitted to shoul=
d be stated in the email.=20

It is our target that the reviewing process and the result notification for=
 each submitted manuscript can be completed within one month from its submi=
ssion. The reviewing process is to ensure the quality of the accepted paper=
s in the WCECS congress. The conferences have enjoyed high reputation among=
 many research colleagues.

More details about the WCECS 2013 can be found at:

It will be highly appreciated if you can circulate these calls for papers t=
o your colleagues.
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