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> Seriously, when will I finally find a University interested in hosting all
> this stuff on a Web server? (And not loose its backup copy, like the Oakland
> Software Repository!!! What a shame, for an American University!!! As far as
> I know, today, only a Bresilian University has this stuff available online.)
Why do you need a University? I'll host a mirror on mdfs.net if you want,
but **DON'T** **EMAIL** **ME** **THE** **FILES**!!!  I can set up an ftp
account for you to upload them to and then I can link them into the http:
If you insist on it being a University that hosts them, I'll get one of
those postal create-your-own-diploma programs, that'll make me a
University ;)
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7/11/2003 10:48:13 PM
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