[News] 2007 an Excellent Year for GNU/Linux

End-of-2007 State of the Union

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| 2007. What a year. Ubuntu cranked out two more solid releases, sub-$500 
| laptops flooded the market and undermined Microsoft's influence, and 3D 
| desktop effects continued to improve  



Russian Linux (ALTLinux) to be installed in every school in Russia

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| Russian OS is to be installed on every school computer in Russia by 2009. 
| Furthermore, every pupil will get the opportunity to operate the applied 
| software produced in Russia, Leonid Reiman, acting Minister of Communication 
| stated at a press conference. According to Mr. Reiman, that might 
| significantly reduce Russian dependence on foreign software.    


mEDUXa 1.0 Ready to Take Over the Canary Islands

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| The Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Spanish Canary
| Island's regional goverment have released mEDUXa 1.0. mEDUXa is a
| Free Software GNU/Linux distribution developed for educational
| purposes based on Kubuntu. It will be deployed on 35,000 computers in
| 1100 schools, which represents 325,000 possible users (25,000 teachers
| and 300,000 students) in the Canary Islands state schools.


Kerala On Linux Express Highway

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| The Linux slip-road that the state took is slowly becoming an
| express highway.
| [...]
| If we twist Napoleon's quote on China a bit, we can safely say, "Linux is a 
| sleeping giant, let it sleep, because when Linux moves the world moves!"


The wide world of pre-installed Ubuntu

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| Thanks to Canonical's System Builder Program, pre-installed Ubuntu Linux PCs 
| are available throughout the world and not just from Dell.  


Acer Aspire 3680 Series with Linux OS in India Only $400

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| The good part is that it is a full laptop and even its wireless 
| network works well.


Dude, you don't have to get a Dell

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| Note: Many vendors still consider Linux an enterprise-only OS, and 
| deliberately avoid selling it directly to end users. So don't expect to find 
| Linux on the list of config options in the online ordering system. In many 
| cases, you'll have to call up the vendor and place your order over the phone, 
| usually through their corporate sales number. You may even want to avoid 
| telling them that the system is for personal use.     


Toshiba Italy mulls pre-loaded Linux notebooks

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| Toshiba's Italian channel sales and marketing operation reportedly
| is considering offering pre-loaded Linux in its Tecra, Satellite, Portege, 
| and Qosmio notebook lines, according to a story published online last week 
| in the Il Sole newspaper.


TurboLinux computers now sold by EPSON

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| DELL did it, now it's EPSON's turn to propose computers running Linux 
| as OS, their offer is made of the Endeavor LX7800, a desktop available 
| in BTO with CPUs going from the Celeron to the inevitable Core 2 Duo 
| and the Endeavor LX1000 which is a laptop also available in Build To 
| Order. This one features an ATI Radeon Xpress 200M graphic card and a 
| 15 inches XGA resolution.


Lenovo Unveils Its Highest Performing Notebook: A Linux Workstation

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| Lenovo on Tuesday introduced its highest performing notebook, a Linux mobile 
| workstation powered by an Intel Centrino Pro processor. 


HP readies corporate notebook refresh 

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| The machines are also certified for Linux.

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