[News] A Look at Colinux, GNU/Linux IRC Clients, New Linux Game

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CO-LINUX-"The Cutting Edge Technology For Virtualization"

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| The Cooperative Linux is also called Colinux. The word cooperative is used to 
| denote two bodies working in parallel. 


10 IRC client for Linux

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| For many like me IRC is the main chat medium to share information about 
| things we love. Be it linux, Ubuntu, games, whatever; there are always 
| channels with many like minded people to talk to. There are a huge number of 
| IRC clients out there, listing them all for me would be an impossible task. 
| However, I could list 10 IRC clients I have used over the years, which are 
| also quite popular among IRC/Linux community.     


Linux Got Game: Urban Terror 4.1 Review

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| Urban Terror is another action packed, fast-paced, and highly-addictive 
| first-person shooter game that is available for Linux. Though I’m not really 
| an avid gamer, I still enjoy playing this game even up to now. By the way, if 
| you are a hardcore FPS gamer, there are several gaming leagues for Urban 
| Terror that you might be interested in joining.     



coLinux gets its second wind

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| Cooperative Linux (coLinux for short) occupies a unique niche in the field of
| virtualization -- that of running GNU/Linux natively in Windows. Although
| begun in 2000, the project has only recently released version 0.72, but it
| has given the underlying technology to several other higher profile projects
| such as andLinux and Ulteo Virtual Desktop. Now, with the current interest in
| attracting Windows users to GNU/Linux, as evidenced by such tools as Ubuntu's
| Wubi and Fedora's Live USB-Creator, the technology behind coLinux seems
| overdue for a closer look.


coLinux - Cooperative Linux Short Review

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| Conclusions? If you want an easy way of running simple, not very graphics
| demanding applications from Linux on Windows, you are a developaer who
| develops for both systems, of you are just a Linux enthusiast who wants to
| have his beloved applications at hand while using Windows, and you don’t mind
| occasional BSOD or problems with graphics – coLinux is solution for you.    


Introduction to coLinux: Linux on Windows, Literally

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| Any program that runs on Linux will run on coLinux, although there
| are a few limitations--mainly, programs that use graphics won't run
| at full speed, since the X terminal has to run on the Windows side,
| and support for audio is marginal at best. That said, applications
| which don't rely on audio or graphics can run more or less at native
| speed: database applications, Web servers, command-line/shell
| programs and so on all work at normal speed.


Colinux on Windows Vista

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| In the last years colinux became one of my most valued tools for
| cross platform software development. Colinux is a user mode linux,
| running as a Windows process. This way you don't need to dual boot
| anymore. And while other virtualization techniques exist, colinux
| has some advantages that makes it my top choice.

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