[News] A Look at Element OS and Introduction to Peppermint OS (GNU/Linux)

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Element OS - An Ubuntu Based Distro For HTPCs

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| Element OS is a 32 bit Xubuntu based 
| distro for HTPCs(Home Theatre PCs). It 
| maintains compatibility with Ubuntu 
| repositories. It uses the Advanced 
| Packaging Tool(APT) with Element's own 
| custom repositories and the Ubuntu 
| repositories. Element OS also incorporates 
| the AllMyApps software center to allow 
| additional applications to be downloaded.


An introduction to Peppermint OS

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| Stepping away from Peppermint for a 
| minute, I'd like to say a few words about 
| cloud-based applications in general. I 
| don't think running programs over the 
| Internet is really a good fit for desktop 
| Linux. I'm a big fan of running thin 
| clients on a LAN and I've often used web-
| based data solutions (such as web mail or 
| document sharing services). But I can 
| think of very few cases where web-based 
| applications, running on servers outside 
| the local area network, would be useful to 
| Linux users. The two main benefits to 
| running cloud-based apps are having one 
| central location for updates and having 
| the benefit of being able to access those 
| applications from anywhere that has an 
| Internet connection. Linux distributions 
| already offer these features by way of 
| software repositories, giving the end user 
| the ability to keep up to date or, 
| optionally, stick with older versions of 
| software.
| Many of the big name distributions also 
| offer tools to install their product on 
| Flash drives, allowing users to take their 
| operating system with them anywhere. This 
| combination, in my mind, is superior to 
| cloud-based applications in speed and 
| flexibility and it removes the need for a 
| steady, fast network connection. I don't 
| have anything against making use of cloud 
| computing where it is appropriate, but I 
| think most desktop Linux users already 
| have solutions in place which make web 
| applications redundant. When your 
| operating system receives daily updates 
| and can fit in your pocket, is there 
| really any reason to turn control of your 
| programs over to other people? Judging by 
| the interest surrounding Peppermint, some 
| users think so and are excited by the 
| fresh approach.



Element OS- Your ultimate entertainment Linux OS.

,----[ Quote ]
| It is based on the  Debian Packaging System
| (.deb), same one that Ubuntu uses. Unlike
| other Debian/Ubuntu based systems, Element OS
| utilizes its own online app center for
| software installations, where many of the most
| popular Linux applications that are compatible
| with our interface standards have been ported.

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