[News] Big Businesses Adopted Free Software in 2009, More Free/Libre Video Editing on Way

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First big business, now big data

,----[ Quote ]
| To properly assess the state of open-source software in 2009, one would have to 
| gather millions of code commits and project releases. Open source isn't a buzzword 
| or even a type of software; it has become a new way of doing business in software.
| In September, the Linux Foundation released the findings of its “Who Writes 
| Linux” survey. The results found that Linux is seeing contributions from 
| hundreds of thousands of different users, and that pool of contributors 
| is still growing at an encouraging rate, building on over 10 years of 
| consistent evolution and expansion.


VLMC: Free Video Editing Software from VLC Coming Soon [Leaked Pics]

,----[ Quote ]
| The official announcement of VLMC will take 
| place at the VideoLAN dev’days 2009 in 
| December.
| Once the pre-release of VLMC is out, there will 
| be full instructions on how to install it, and 
| we will have all the details. Until then, you 
| can fetch the current working tree using Git:
| git clone git://github.com/VLMC/vlmc.git



Sun Tzu and the London Stock Exchange

,----[ Quote ]
| I read Sun Tzu's The Art of War more than 10
| years ago, and there is one bit of advice that I
| still use daily in my business dealings. It can
| be paraphrased as "when attacking an entrenched
| competitor, you need four times the force. Ten
| times the force is better." Thus, when Red Hat
| was building its enterprise business, I made sure
| that our sales people were focused on customers
| who could immediately measure 2x the performance
| at 1/2 the cost (yielding a 4x performance/cost
| advantage), although 10x performance/cost was
| more advantageous. It seems that Sun Tzu's math
| has been understood by the London Stock Exchange,
| who are seeing a more than 6x improvement in the
| all-important measure of latency, whilst gaining
| an impressive 2x cost advantage. No wonder they
| are switching from a proprietary platform to one
| based on open source software!

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Sun Tzu and the London Stock Exchange ,----[ Quote ] | I read Sun Tzu's The Art of War more than 10 | years ago, and there is one bit of advice that I | still use daily in my business dealings. It can | be paraphrased as "when attacking an entrenched | competitor, you need four times the force. Ten | times the force is better." Thus, when Red Hat | was building its enterprise business, I made sure | that our sales people were focused on customers | who could immediately measure 2x the performance | at 1/2 the cost (yielding a 4x performance/cost | advantage), although 10x performance/cost was | more advantageous. It seems that Sun Tzu's math | has been understood by the London Stock Exchange, | who are seeing a more than 6x improvement in the | all-important measure of latency, whilst gaining | an impressive 2x cost advantage. No wonder they | are switching from a proprietary platform to one | based on open source software! `---- http://www.opensource.org/node/473 Recent: Marketcetera Brings Fully Integrated Real-Time Equity Data From ACTIV Financial to Open Source Trading Platform ,----[ Quote ] | The joint solution, developed in response to customer demand, enables hedge | funds and proprietary trading firms to access ACTIV's ultra-low-latency data | feeds and integrate them with the Marketcetera platform. The platform | includes a visual order-entry application that can be set up to...

[News] Free Software Powers Big Business
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 The new face of open source on Wall Street ,----[ Quote ] | But the more dramatic shift for Wall Street right now is that it is | considering open-source alternatives for fundamental, industry-specific | applications, applications like Marketcetera's open-source trading platform, | which I've called "a lifeline to the hedge fund industry" because it enables | the industry to become more efficient and more productive. REvolution | Computing, Esper, and others are also benefiting from this shift. `---- http://news.cnet...

[News] Businesses Called to Adopt Free Software More
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Calling All SMEs Who Need Help Understanding Their Business Assets ,----[ Quote ] | Open source software is now much more | widely available than ever before, and | many of the tools are robust and reliable. | Names such as Apache, Protégé and Linux | are well known and respected in the | industry. There are, however, a couple of | points to be aware of before going down | the open source route. | | Firstly, open source does not necessarily | mean free of charge. Open source means | that you are free to use the software and | change and redistribute the source code | under certain license conditions. So, to | coin a phrase often used by the open | source community, open source software is | free as in speech, not as in beer! | However, many open source software | packages are also free of charge, but it | is worth checking this as some require a | fee and some only provide a basic version | free of charge, with useful add-ons | requiring a fee. `---- http://www.itbusinessedge.com/cm/community/features/guestopinions/blog/calling-all-smes-who-need-help-understanding-their-business-assets/?cs=39771 The perfect open-source task scheduler ,----[ Quote ] | This last point is where you see the real | problem with a cron-based solution. Cron | and Task Scheduler were only designed to | run regular housekeeping tasks on a single | machine, but when you’re providing a | service from a collection of m...

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 How to Bring Open-Source Software into the Enterprise ,----[ Quote ] | Open-source software has gained growing acceptance in the enterprise. Once | enterprises put in place the same governance, policy and support processes | around open-source software as they do with proprietary software, there is no | limit to how much open-source software they can bring into their | organization. Here, Knowledge Center contributor Carol J. Rizzo offers five | tips on how to bring open-source software into your organization in a way | that maps to your corporate risk factors, making open-source software no more | or less of a risk than proprietary software. `---- http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Linux-and-Open-Source/How-to-Bring-OpenSource-Software-into-the-Enterprise/ 10 Free Resources for Splashy Graphics and Slick Photos ,----[ Quote ] | A picture is always worth a thousand words. The good news is that in the open | source world as well as the freeware world, there are many excellent graphics | and photo management tools, plus free desktop publishers and web design | templates. Whether you want to produce splashy graphical documents, enhance | graphics on a blog or web site, create eye-catching logos, or more, check out | our updated collection of ten free applications and resources here. `---- http://ostatic.com/blog/10-free-resources-for-splashy-graphics-and-slick-photos Recent: Gameloft Moves 1,000 Desktops to Ubu...

[News] Video Does Free Software the Right Way (Kaltura)
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Opening my Eyes to Another Advantage of Openness ,----[ Quote ] | It was chaired by Michal Tsur from Kaltura. It | was a company I'd already come across, but it | was a good opportunity to learn a little more: | | Kaltura's platform includes an easily | customizable set of widgets that seamlessly | integrate into video applications on web | platforms of any kind. Publishers can deploy | existing widgets and apps or take advantage of | Kaltura's open architecture in order to develop | new ones. | | Whether you need a basic online video platform | or one with a robust set of advanced features – | Kaltura has a solution for you. Our open | framework provides everything you need to | design, develop, and deploy rapid and cost- | effective video applications on any site. | | Interestingly, Kaltura does not employ the | currently-fashionable “open core” approach of | providing some of its code under a free software | licence, and add-ons under proprietary ones. | | Instead, it's a pure dual-licensing set-up: the | same code is available under free (GNU Affero | GPL) and non-free licences, for all the usual | reasons. `---- http://www.computerworlduk.com/community/blogs/index.cfm?entryid=2589&blogid=14 Recent: Ron Yekutiel, Chairman and CEO of Kaltura ,----[ Quote ] | Kaltura competes with Internet TV technology firms Brightcove, FeedRoom and | PermissionTV, but its competitive differentia...

[News] Businesses Advised to Move to Free Software, Linux
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Innovation: Still Open for Business ,----[ Quote ] | These days it’s hard to get excited about | anything short of the most innovative | solutions. Still, it takes time and effort | to stay on top of it all and then be | prepared to sell it internally to your | organization. Linux, largely due to its | roots in the open source community, | consistently leads the market with rapid | innovation and feature-rich development. `---- http://www.novell.com/prblogs/?p=2619 10 considerations for maintaining open source in your...

[News] Business Cases of Free Software and GNU/Linux
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 ING Life Adopts Open Source To Expand Business ,----[ Quote ] | "When I first heard of the migration, I was very | apprehensive. I thought the cultural shift would | be very hard," says Venkat Reddy Peddolla, deputy | manager, customer service, Secunderabad, ING | Life. "My biggest fear was adapting to a whole | new range of changes. My level of technical | expertise isn't very high. Making adjustments to | Linux was a big deal." `---- http://www.networkworld.com/news/2009/101609-ing-life-adopts-open-source.html Asay and Tiemann, mano a mano. ,----[ Quote ] | What Matt doesn’t seem to get is that this split- | personality marketing of “we do all this open | stuff, except for this scarce bit we’re charging | you for!” is a prize example of a house divided | unto itself. You can’t sensibly talk about the | benefits of open source without contradicting | yourself completely when it comes to the paywall | behind which your proprietary software sits: | basically you have to fess up that the open | source bits are the bait. | | What Michael’s post illustrates nicely is not | just a clarity of purpose, but a 100% commitment | to what they tell their customers: no ifs, no | buts, but a single compelling story. Customers | understand the value they offer, and that’s why | they make money. `---- http://www.alexhudson.com/blog/2009/10/15/asay-and-tiemann-mano-a-mano/ Recent: Open source m...

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Small Business Search Marketing by Matt McGee - SEO Tips & Help for Small Businesses
SEO and web marketing tips and conversation for the small business owner and webmaster. Matt McGee writes about small business online marketing ...

SmartRecruiters Beefs Up Careers Tab For Small, Midsized Businesses’ Facebook Pages
Social recruiting platform SmartRecruiters announced an update to its Careers Tab application, which allows small and midsized businesses to ...

Big Updates for Small Businesses: New features for Advertisers and Page Admins
Three new product updates will offer small businesses more capabilities for creating ad images and managing Pages via mobile, providing greater ...

Introducing Messenger Platform and Businesses on Messenger
Introducing Messenger Platform and Businesses on Messenger

Facebook Testing Location-Based Check-In Deals API for Businesses With Many Locations
Yesterday we confirmed that Facebook will soon begin limited private testing of a tool for corporations with local branches that allows corporate ...

5 approaches all businesses can use to adapt to the changing nature of work
Technology has unshackled work from the traditional 9-5. Email and the cloud allow and encourage us to work from anywhere, at any time. But the ...

Instagram Sets 2 Advertising Webinars for Businesses
Advertising on Instagram is humming along, and the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network announced two webinars to help more businesses ...

Businesses struggle to provide unified communications for remote workers
Unified communications are becoming increasingly critical for businesses, with 83 percent of organizations expecting the number of remote workers ...

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