[News] Breaking Evil Myths: Linux Users Can't Play; Can't Run Windows Applications

Because penguins need to play too.

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| The Windows camp have a lot of great games to play and a popular 
| misconception is that Linux is lacking in games. That is not true.
| There are literally thousands of games for Linux. In fact a lot of
| them have been ported to Windows too.
| [...]
| There are both free and commercial games available. Some of the best
| ones I really like are America's Army, Tremulous and Enemy Territory. 


Run Windows Apps on Linux using 2X ApplicationServer

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| 2X ApplicationServer is a useful solution for those who still need access
| to some Windows only apps, but prefer to work in Linux.



LinuxGamePublishing announces X3: Reunion

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| The announcement was made during LinuxGames.coms' latest(7th)
| podcast, and said to be about 80% completed. 


TO: Crossfire 1.5 released

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| Inspired by TacticalOps, TO: Crossfire is a game based on Epic's
| awardwinning UnrealEngine and throws you into the life-and-death
| world of counterterrorism.


Supergamer LiveDVD - Gaming on Linux hits new levels

,----[ Quote ]
| SuperGamer is a modified version of PCLinuxOS - one that contains lots and 
| lots of neat games. To name a few:
|     * America's Army
|     * Cube
|     * Doom 3
|     * Enemy Territory
|     * ...


Vista breaks 90% of games, claims game publisher

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| Alex St. John, chief executive of game publisher WildTangent, today
| blasted his former employer for a half-baked and negligent way of
| treating the majority of game publishers - small development studios
| and individual programmers of casual games: St. John claims that at
| least nine out of ten games do not work with Vista.


Windows Vista and casual games: the woe starts now

,----[ Quote ]
| Casual game company alleges the security of Microsoft's new
| OS goes to far and stifles web-based games.

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