[News] Breaking Linux Myths; Bluetooth Setup Easier in Linux Than in Windows

Linux Truths, Half-Truths, and Myths

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| When people find out I run Linux on my computer instead of Windows
| or even Mac OS X they sometimes have funny ideas about what it must
| be like. Some of it is historical; Linux used to be quite difficult
| to administer in its younger days. Some of it is misinformation,
| or no information at all. I hope to dispell some of the
| misconceptions.


Bluetooth on Ubuntu - A pleasant surprise

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| Windows XP
|    1. Pop in the driver CD of the dongle. Install the driver.
|    2. Restart machine.
|    3. Plug in the dongle in a USB port.
|    4. Find the data transfer software on the driver CD and install
|       it.
|    5. Select services (OBEX transfer, HID , Bluetooth dialup etc.)
|       that I want to be able to use between the phone and PC.
| Ubuntu
|    1. Plug in the dongle in a USB port.
|    2. Search for 'bluetooth' in Add/Remove Applications, and
|       install Bluetooth File Sharing.
|    3. Select files, right click and start sending
|       'em via bluetooth!
| No driver installation at all! 



Use Your Bluetooth Cell Phone as a Proximity Card for Linux Based Laptops
(SUSE, Ubuntu, Red Hat)

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| Have you ever wished your computer would keep track of your comings
| and goings and secure itself accordingly? Odds are good that if you
| have a newer laptop and cell phone you can do just that. Many laptops
| now come with Bluetooth chips and most phones now support Bluetooth
| as well. This can allow your computer and cell phone to "talk" and
| create a simple proximity badge for you to use.


Ubuntu and wireless - now better than Windows!

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| For years, Linux has had a reputation of being notoriously bad for
| wireless access, whether through access points, ad-hoc, whatever.
| But the new KWirelessNetwork applet thats included in the new
| Kubuntu beta is just incredible.

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