[News] BSD/UNIX Still Thrive in Way, PC-BSD Can Run Windows Applications

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UNIX still a hit for mission-critical systems

,----[ Quote ]
| The majority of companies using UNIX will be 
| sticking with it for their mission-critical 
| systems, even though use of the operating 
| system has declined in recent times.
| Almost two-thirds running UNIX-based 
| platforms will keep them, in comparison to 
| the 38 per cent who will be dumping the 
| platform in the next three years, according 
| to a survey from Coleman Parkes Research on 
| behalf of HP.


Bordeaux on PC-BSD Screenshot tour

,----[ Quote ]
| This is a Bordeaux on PC-BSD 8 Screenshot 
| tour. This tour will show you how easy it is 
| to install Bordeaux on PC-BSD and start 
| installing Windows Applications and Games. 
| Bordeaux has a single dependency on Zenity 
| once Zenity is installed Bordeaux will 
| install and run on your PC-BSD system.



OpenBSD 4.7 Released

,----[ Quote ]
| An anonymous reader writes "The release
| of OpenBSD 4.7 was announced today.
| Included in this release are support for
| more wireless cards, the loongson
| platform, pf improvements, many midlayer
| filesystem improvements including a new
| dynamic buffer cache, dynamic VFS name
| cache rewrite and NFS client stability
| fixes, routing daemon improvements
| including the new MPLS label distribution
| protocol daemon (ldpd) and over 5,800
| packages. Please help support the project
| by ordering your copy today!"

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