[News] Embedded Linux Gets More Sophisticated, Tiny Linux Board Gets LCD Module

Tiny Linux SBCs gain LCD modules

,----[ Quote ]
| Gumstix has started shipping an LCD expansion board for its tiny, 
| Linux-oriented, PXA270-based Verdex single-board computer (SBC).  


Commercial OSS Holding Their Own Despite Migration to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| According to Balacco, “This trend could continue to put pressure on 
| commercial OS suppliers’ and their business models as OEMs consider the 
| growing sophistication of publicly available Linux solutions and leverage the 
| perceived benefits in terms of source code availability, reduced costs, and 
| community support as an alternative to continuing to use a commercial OS in 
| future device development projects.”     


Another one:

JTAG emulator supports native Linux on DaVinci DM355



Linux gains support in mobile communications

,----[ Quote ]
| 'Based on what we have been told by our contacts in the industry,
| Nokia's choice to further support Linux is representative of a
| shift to Linux as a whole', commented IMS Research Senior
| Analyst Alison Bogle.


Linux is de facto OS for TV set-top boxes

,----[ Quote ]
| "The major chipset manufacturers are introducing new Linux platforms
| almost monthly," said Ken Helps, managing director of Ocean Blue Software.
| The attraction is that the Linux operating system will support
| advanced functions without requiring a license fee.

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To the denizens of comp.os.linux.advocacy! So many people demonstrate in this newsgroup that they know only a Linux of Hatred and Greed, of paranoia, and of a selfish sense of entitlement. They seem always to be behaving like monkeys in reaction to human dissenters, throwing feces at one another and beating their chests pretending to know something. My Linux is not that Linux. My Linux is the Linux of Love, of sharing, friendship, community. It is a uniquely human Linux and not one for monkeys. When I speak with fellow Linux users in real life (i.e. not in the monkeyhouse of COLA) they remind me of myself: practical, freedom-loving, anti-corporate. Here in COLA however they remind me of monkeys or spoiled brats or worse, corporate sysadmins. My Linux is not your Linux. It is the human Linux that acknowledges that Linux involves human work to create, that although it is free you are not entitled to it, that although it is created in large part by volunteers, they deserve to be paid for their gifts with at least gratitude. And that monkeys and self-entitled brats and sysadmins never thank anyone. yarmfelder@yahoo.com writes: > To the denizens of comp.os.linux.advocacy! You crossposted to gnu.misc.discuss. > My Linux is not your Linux. It is the human Linux > that acknowledges that Linux involves human work > to create, that although it is free you are not > entitled to it, that although it is created in large part > by volunteers, they deserve to be pa...

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OpenSuse plans to massively improve boot time ,----[ Quote ] | Like other distributions, OpenSuse has a group of people working at | a faster boot system. Atm there is no discussion about a new init | system but about improvements on all fronts: kernel, init scripts, | unnecessary system calls, etc. `---- http://liquidat.wordpress.com/2007/05/15/opensuse-plans-to-massively-improve-boot-time/ KDE tip - speed up KDE launch time ,----[ Quote ] | Here's a really simple but very effective tip for speeding up the time | it takes for KDE to start up. `---- http://fosswire.com/2007/05/15/kd...

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INetU Managed Hosting Rolls Out Red Hat Linux 5 Support ,----[ Quote ] | INetU Managed Hosting announced today that it has begun offering managed | dedicated hosting on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 operating system. `---- http://www.emediawire.com/releases/2007/5/emw526698.htm A religious plug for Linux here: http://leoweekly.com/?q=node/4698 The press seems very happy to cite Dell as proof that Linux is indeed mainstream. No wonder Microsoft is so scared and aggressive. Roy Schestowitz wrote: > INetU Managed Hosting Rolls Out Red Hat Linux 5 Support > > ,----[ Quote ] >...

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 ROSE Blog Interviews: Juliet Kemp, author and admin extraordinaire ,----[ Quote ] | A: I'm Juliet Kemp; I'm a sysadmin and | freelance writer on Linux. I've been using FOSS | for getting on for a decade now, and working as | a sysadmin for nearly as long. I recently wrote | a book of Linux systems administration tips – | Linux System Administration Recipes: A Problem- | Solution Approach – and write regularly for | http://serverwatch.com, | http://www.linuxplanet.com, and Linux Format. `---- http://www.linux-magazine.com/Online/Blogs/ROSE-Blog-Rikki-s-Open-Source-Exchange/ROSE-Blog-Interviews-Juliet-Kemp-author-and-admin-extraordinaire On Linux and random numbers ,----[ Quote ] | Linux in a Nutshell, 6th Edition just been | launched to a clamoring world by O'Reilly and | at 917 pages including index it beats the heck | out of resorting to the "man" command. My one | complaint (you may well relate to this) is that | my eyes aren't what they used to be and the | font size the book is set in is at my limit of | resolution without glasses. As I can't see well | enough to find my glasses, this is a problem. | All you whippersnappers will be fine. This book | is a great resource. A 5 out of 5. `---- http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9140065/On_Linux_and_random_numbers Recent: Interview: Clutter maintainer Emmanuele Bassi ,----[ Quote ] | We already experimented with WebK...

[News] Linux Foundation Offers Training, Linux Gets New XGI Contributions
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Free Training from The Linux Foundation ,----[ Quote ] | Who says you don't get something for | nothing? Certainly not the good people over | at The Linux Foundation (TLF) who're | offering free Linux training. TLF is doing | its part for the worldwide Linux community | by offering this free training plus the | Linux Jobs Board and all of its other | services. I paused to write this post | before going there to sign-up for the whole | list myself. `---- http://www.daniweb.com/news/story255334.html Wow, XGI Does Something With Its Linux Driver ,----[ Quote ] | XGI had worked to provide a full open- | source driver stack for the Volari 8300 | series, but that graphics card never ended | up being widely available. As XGI faded | away, IBM worked on the XGI Linux driver | and wrote the XG40 GPU support along with | other changes as some XGI graphics | processors wound up in some IBM systems. | Ian Romanick was the one working on this | unpopular Linux driver at IBM, but in 2008 | he went to work for Intel, which meant a | final blow to XGI's Linux support. | | [...] | | Providing support for the ARM architecture | so late in the game is rather interesting, | unless XGI Technology is looking to revive | itself by providing GPUs for new | mobile/netbook devices. XGI's most recent | press release is from May 2009 where they | announced the Volari Z11 GPU for embedded | ARM-based systems s...

[News] [Linux] Australian Computer Society Gets Together with Red Hat Linux
Red Hat and ACS to build Open Source skills ,----[ Quote ] | Linux vendor Red Hat has partnered with the Australian Computer Society | (ACS) to offer ACS members discounted Red Hat Certified Engineer | (RHCE) training. `---- http://www.beerfiles.com.au/content/view/2279/43/ Also from Red Hat: Red Hat ups telecoms push with Mobicents ,----[ Quote ] | The move will add a Service Logic Execution Environment (Slee) | to the Linux firm's portfolio. `---- http://www.pcmag.co.uk/vnunet/news/2192425/red-hat-picks-mobicents ...

[News] Board Gains Linux Support and Another Embedded Linux Win in the Military
Tiny ARM11 board gains Linux support ,----[ Quote ] | A small processor module based on a Freescale i.MX31IL processor is now | supported by embedded Linux support services provider TimeSys. `---- http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS2564620480.html Kaon select Pebble Bay Consulting for marine-deployed embedded Linux development ,----[ Quote ] | Pebble Bay, embedded services consultancy, has developed a high-performance | Linux driver, user-space library and test software for a network interface | card that connects to a proprietary gigabit optical network carrying data | from a high s...

[News] A Look at Hugely Popular Linux Widget, ACCESS Linux Gets More Widgets
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Avant Window Navigator ,----[ Quote ] | For a long while there I didn’t want to check out the Avant Window Navigator | (AWN) because I was shunning Compiz. But now that I’m back on the Compiz | (and since Metacity should have compositing “soon” anyway) I decided to give | a shot when it was featured in Linux Format Magazine Issue 112. `---- http://server.ericsbinaryworld.com/blog/2008/10/30/avant-window-navigator/ It's brilliant and it's beautiful. ACCESS NetFront Browser Widgets Empower SOFTBANK MOBILE ,----[ Quote ] | ACCESS CO., LTD., a global provider of advanced software technologies to the | mobile and beyond-PC markets, announced today that its comprehensive Widget | solution, NetFront(TM) Browser Widgets, has been selected by SOFTBANK MOBILE | Corp. to implement the operator's new Mobile Widgets service. `---- http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/ACCESS-NetFront-Browser-Widgets-Empower/story.aspx?guid=%7B6E244C97-43E9-4628-8633-FD5EA19925C0%7D http://tinyurl.com/59yrmt Recent: "Access Day" highlights Linux wins, products ,----[ Quote ] | Access released a lightweight "Mini" version of its Access Linux Platform | (ALP) mobile phone middleware and application stack. At its "Access Day" | partner event in Tokyo today, it also previewed ALP 3.0, and highlighted its | growing list of Linux design wins and ecosystem partners. `---- http://www.linuxdevices.com/news...

[News] [Linux] Embedded Linux Gains Integrated Development Tools for Freescale Boards
MontaVista Provides Integrated Development Solution for Freescale Communications and Pervasive Computing ,----[ Quote ] | The platform includes a Freescale board support package (BSP) | pre-installed on the MPC8349E-mITXE platform, and provides | out-of-box support for MontaVista Linux Professional Edition. | Freescale and its customers look to MontaVista Linux, the | industry's most widely deployed commercial embedded Linux | operating system, to provide advanced real-time capabilities. `---- http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=2...

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