[News] Fedora GNU/Linux 13 to be Called "Segovia" Or "Commodus"

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Fedora 13 Could Be Segovia Or Commodus

,----[ Quote ]
| The list of name suggestions for Fedora 13 is 
| available on the Fedora Wiki. So far for 
| Fedora 13 we know that it will likely carry X 
| Server 1.8 support, NFSv4 support, greater 
| DisplayPort monitor recognition with the 
| open-source drivers, and other features. 



- From Fedora 11 to Ubuntu 9.10

,----[ Quote ]
| Bottom line: I don't think Ubuntu is really
| any better than Fedora. Setting up ANY Linux
| distro to navigate codecs and video/audio
| formats is a pain. But for both key distros
| (Ubuntu and Fedora), it's the sort of thing
| you mostly just do once. Call it a couple of
| hours -- but less than five minutes of
| typing. I kind of like the idea of the new
| Ubuntu One program -- free online storage
| that promises to sync across systems.

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Roy Schestowitz, ye fen-sucked profane coxcomb, contemptuous base born
callet, ye pestered:

> Fedora 13 Could Be Segovia Or Commodus

Commode -noun

      1. toilet (def. 1). A chair enclosing a chamber pot.
      2. a portable toilet, esp. one on a chairlike frame with wheels, as
         for an invalid.

How incredibly appropriate. 

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