[News] Free Software Inspires More Free/Libre Hardware

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- From Open Source to Open Hardware

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| This column mainly talks about open source 
| software, for the simple reason that code 
| dominates the world of openness. But open 
| source hardware does exist, albeit in a 
| very early, rudimentary form. Last Friday, 
| I went along to NESTA for what was billed 
| as an “Open Hardware Camp”. Fortunately, I 
| didn't see any tents, since that's not 
| really my kind of thing; what I did see 
| was a huge amount of enthusiasm, and some 
| interesting hints of things to come.


Manufacturing, Reinvented

,----[ Quote ]
| European researchers have created the 
| architecture, hardware and software that 
| will enable super-agile distributed 
| corporations capable of reconfiguring 
| themselves on the fly. It promises to make 
| 'made-to-order' a reality for consumers.


People Power Wins Smart Grid Grant for “Lean Green Energy-Saving Machine”

,----[ Quote ]
| People Power plans to distribute OSHAN 
| (Open Source Home Area Network)—its free, 
| open source wireless software —and SuRF 
| (Sensor Ultra Radio Frequency)—its low-
| cost hardware and software development kit 
| —to engineers early next year.


Boxee Swings for Spot in Set-Top Box Ring

,----[ Quote ]
| The open source software company debuted 
| its new hardware device at the Music Hall 
| of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, N.Y., on 
| Monday. The new device, essentially a TV 
| set-top box, will augment the current beta 
| software that's available so far only to 
| invited testers. Boxee officials expect to 
| have the first consumer TV boxes on sale 
| for around US$200 during the second 
| quarter of 2010.



Open Source Hardware Project RepRap Creates its First Circuit

,----[ Quote ]
| RepRap is an open source hardware project that aims to create a
| self-replicating machine or a 'universal constructor' by using rapid
| prototyping. That means the machine can manufacture objects directly
| including itself, endlessly.

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 10 of the Best Free Linux CRM Software ,----[ Quote ] | For a profit-making business to be | successful, the customer must rank as the | most important part of the chain. After | all, without customers the business would | not even exist. `---- http://www.linuxlinks.com/article/20091112155610977/CRM.html Some PowerTOP updates ,----[ Quote ] | In the last few days I’ve been working | with Auke Kok on adding some new features | to the PowerTOP tool. `---- http://blog.fenrus.org/?p=38 Recent: Intel announces the PowerTOP utility for Linux ,----[ Quote ] | What's eating the battery life of my laptop? Why isn't it many more | hours? Which software component causes the most power to be burned? | These are important questions without a good answer... until now. `---- http://lkml.org/lkml/2007/5/11/365 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux) iEYEARECAAYFAksEliEACgkQU4xAY3RXLo5XHwCgiZKr5quBVFkIEBd3briKObWA uz8Ani+OYU+TltmaPDTKJtnRYGq5uswY =La+H -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- ...

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 12 Excellent Free and Open Source Graphics Apps ,----[ Quote ] | The worlds of open source and freeware both include many | outstanding applications for working with graphics and photos. | These include standard fare such as image editors, but it's also | worth looking into free desktop publishers, web design templates, | and quirky graphics tools. Whether you want to produce splashy | graphical documents, enhance graphics on a blog or web site, | create eye-catching logos, or more, check out our newly updated | collection of 12 applications and resources here. `---- http://ostatic.com/blog/12-excellent-free-and-open-source-graphics-apps FOSS v Proprietary? – A debate between two geeks? ,----[ Quote ] | In regards to my comment to him “championing the Mac” I use the | word champion to describe something any user has settled on as a | result of their own research and needs. I champion Linux since I | have chosen it above alternatives as its best for me. | Throttlemeister has done so with Mac on the same basis. | | Throttlemeister makes reference to the needs of work and MS | Office. I think this highlights perfectly that far from Microsoft | being “standards compat” and as some would like you to believe [1] | entering into a brave new world of cooperation and | interoperability with FOSS. The fact remain that intentional or | not, there are barriers for people wanting freedom of choice in | their soft...

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[News] Free Software on VTV (Vietnam), Spain Bets on Free Software
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Free and Open Source Software Feature on VTV (Vietnam) ,----[ Quote ] | I mentioned over a month ago that VTV visited | my Linux Lab. A couple weeks ago they aired | the 10 minute segment on VTV. I know several | of the guys featured on the program including | An Nguyen of SaigonLUG and Professor Son from | the University of Education. The open | source community is starting to grow in | Saigon but it still has 5-10 years to mature. | It is definitely more active then 5 years ago | which is very positive. `---- http://www.saigonnezumi.com/2010/01/03/free-and-open-source-software-feature-on-vtv-vietnam/ Spain pays 12m Euros to Telefonica to maintain open source web site ,----[ Quote ] | Who said there isn’t money to be made in open | source? The Spanish government has awarded a | 12m Euro contract to Telefonica to maintain | the Presidential web site, a site that is | built on OpenCMS, an open source content | management system. `---- http://www.itwire.com/content/view/30304/1141/ Recent: Vietnam lures more FOSS projects ,----[ Quote ] | Vietnam will be a country luring Free and Open | Source Software (FOSS) projects to bring more | business opportunities to local enterprises, | according to the organizers of the 2009 GNOME | Asia Summit. | | [...] | | According to the GNOME Foundation, Asia, | including Vietnam, will be a destination to | develop more FOSS projects because many | countries in the regio...

[News] A Look at Free Software Pioneer and Free Software for Young Generations
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 An Abbreviated History of ACP, One of the Oldest Open Source Applications ,----[ Quote ] | If I asked you to tell me the first software that was made available as open | source, you probably would point to something that came out of ARPAnet, such | as TCP/IP; I dare say you would at least mention one of the fundamental | pieces of the Internet. But I gently brushed against an earlier computing | endeavor that might qualify as the first open source application: IBM's | Airline Control Program, or ACP. If ACP was not among the first open source | apps — assuming we use the definition, "of or relating to or being computer | software for which the source code is freely available" — then it was | certainly an influence. Yet, in my old fuddy-duddiness, I'm surprised by how | few people actually know ACP even existed. Especially since I think a few | tendrils of its source code helped you make it onto your airplane flight | today. `---- http://www.itworld.com/print/75218 A Toolkit of Back to School Open Source Apps ,----[ Quote ] | Lyx - If you do a lot of academic writing, theses, or scientific papers, Lyx | will make sure the structure of your documents meets formal acceptance | requirements. This app helps you with those niggling formatting details, and | includes several templates to get you up and running in no time. It also | includes a mathematical formula editor, support for severa...

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Best Practices for Large Enterprises, by Dean Leffingwell

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While I was at Ancestry.com, we used the StrengthsFinder assessment to give us insights into ourselves. If you haven’t taken it, I highly recommend ...

The Famous Software Company - Development Blog
A year ago I was looking for an app that enabled me to stream audio from iTunes to my iPhone. I was sharing an apartment at the time, and in ...

A Software Insider's Point of View
Innovative CIO’s Betting On Disruptive Technologies That Impact Enterprise Business Value In the Four Personas of the Next Gen CIO published ...

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