[News] Gentoo Makes Good Media Centre and Gentoo Derivative Sabayon Linux 4.2 is Reviewed

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Gentoo Media Center

,----[ Quote ]
| As usual it’s not our intention to break the bank when building a media 
| center. Now it’s true that you can purchase a number of beautiful cases and 
| components to make your media pc blend in with the rest of the electronics 
| that you may have in your home entertainment center but for myself I prefer 
| to get some use of components that may not look the greatest but will simply 
| do the job.     


Sabayon Linux 4.2 KDE Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Sabayon is a Gentoo Linux-based, multi-purpose distribution. Previous 
| releases of Sabayon came in one huge DVD iso image with the option to install 
| your favorite desktop. However, the latest release is available in iso images 
| distinguished by desktop environments. For example, we have Sabayon 4.x KDE, 
| Sabayon 4.x Gnome, etc. This review is based on Sabayon 4.2 KDE. A future 
| review will focus on Sabayon 4.2 Gnome.     
| [...]
| The installer is one of the best. If you choose to use Sabayon in Live CD/DVD 
| mode, and then opt to install it on your PC’s hard drive, you still get the 
| same full-featured installer.   



Sabayon Linux CoreCD 4.2 Release

,----[ Quote ]
| The CoreCD is a text-based release. There is no X-Server, Gnome, or KDE
| provided.
|       The Feature list is intentionally short:
|     * Bootable Image suitable for a CD or USB thumb drive (~400M)
|     * Text-Based installer
|     * Basic default networking
|     * Entropy and Portage ready


Sabayon Linux Gnome 4.2 Released

,----[ Quote ]
| Sabayon 4.2 will catch you: just the best of the Out-Of-The-Box, GNOME,
| multimedia applications and nothing more than what you need for your daily
| tasks, but what about your free time? We’ve got it. XBMC (formerly known as
| Xbox Media Center) 9.04 is what you’ve ever wanted to build up a fantastic
| HTPC or Internet Multimedia Box, so what’s better than having it ready to
| use? Show off the new Sabayon Linux to your friends, they have no more
| excuses to not try it!


Sabayon 2009 Roadmap

,----[ Quote ]
| Now that we released both 4.1 Gnome and KDE, we started working on next
| releases of Sabayon.


Sabayon Core Sneak Peak

,----[ Quote ]
| Lately I have been quite busy with many different (usually sabayon-related)
| things. A main focus is trying to come up with a a nice theme for 5.0, which
| is is proving interesting to say the least.

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[News] Review of Sabayon Linux 5, Mandriva Linux Has Winners
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Experiencing Sabayon 5, oh! ,----[ Quote ] | Sabayon 5 (or Five oh!, as the project team | likes to call it) came out on October 2, | 2009. As has been the norm since the last | couple of releases, it’s been divided into a | KDE and GNOME live DVD. The last version LFY | had bundled was version Four oh! (we skipped | 4.1 and 4.2). It was a single Live DVD that | contained both GNOME and KDE. So what our CD | team has done this time is combine the two | separate ISOs into a single live multi-boot | DVD. The downside is, you’ll only get either | of the two desktops, at a time. `---- http://www.linuxforu.com/reviews/experiencing-sabayon-5-oh/ Mandriva Linux 2010 background contest winners ,----[ Quote ] | We take the occasion to open new Mandriva | groups on Flickr for artwork contribution in | Mandriva Linux. You can now upload whenever | you want some more backgrounds, screensavers, | themes… in Mandriva Linux artwork group. You | can also spread your favourite distribution | and upload screenshots of your environment. `---- http://blog.mandriva.com/2009/10/30/mandriva-linux-2010-background-contest-winners/ Recent: Review: Sabayon Linux 5.0 ,----[ Quote ] | I like the new Sabayon. It's more user | friendly, it's faster, and yet it keeps all the | cool stuff that make it such a great | distribution for new users, without alienating | those who are more experienced and want a | distribution with a...

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Sabayon Linux miniEdition looks sharp on the bleeding edge ,----[ Quote ] | Last week the Sabayon Linux project released ISO images of its | miniEdition 3.1 live CD Linux distro. Sabayon has earned a | reputation for running right on the cutting edge; it is the | first distro to deploy a live CD using the Beryl compositing | engine and Nvidia's newest beta video drivers. `---- http://distrocenter.linux.com/article.pl?sid=06/10/13/186218&from=rss Nice shots. ...

[News] A Look at Puppy Linux and Sabayon Linux 5.1 Review
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Puppy Linux: Just for fun ,----[ Quote ] | Puppy Linux is something different, a tiny | version of Linux that can be stored on a USB | memory drive, will run in memory, and can be | used for working on the move. `---- http://www.itpro.co.uk/618739/puppy-linux-just-for-fun Sabayon Linux 5.1-r1 - Review and Commentary ,----[ Quote ] | It's a good looking desktop and one of the | best and most stable implementations of KDE | 4.x from what we've been able to see so far. `---- http://linuxcritic.com/stories/66-Sabayon-Linux-5.1-r1-Review-and-Commentary.html Recent: Sabayon Linux 5.1 Released! ,----[ Quote ] | The best, refined blend of GNU/Linux, | coming with bleeding edge edges is | eventually here! Say hello to Sabayon Five- | point-Oneh, available in both GNOME and KDE | editions! | Dedicated to those who like cutting edge | stability, out of the box experience, | outstanding Desktop performance, clean and | beauty. Sabayon 5.1 will catch you, | anything that could have been compiled, has | been compiled, anything cool that could | have been implemented or updated, it’s | there: you will find outstanding amount of | new applications and features, like XBMC | 9.04.1 (formerly known as Xbox Media | Center), KDE 4.3.4, GNOME 2.28, and so | forth. `---- http://main.v00d00.net/sabayon-linux-5-1-released New Sabayon Servers ,----[ Quote ] | Finally Fabio gave me the pics of the server, | and finally I’ve found...

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[News] Gentoo GNU/Linux and Dracut; MacBook Pro Runs Gentoo
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Port the new distro-neutral initrd framework, Dracut, to Gentoo ,----[ Quote ] | Dracut is an initramfs infrastructure. Its | aim is to be distribution-independent, | although for now it's supported only in | RedHat, Fedora and Debian. `---- http://blog.aidecoe.name/2010/05/24/port-the-new-distro-neutral-initrd-framework-dracut-to-gentoo/ Status of Gentoo on MacBook Pro (5,3) ,----[ Quote ] | So, as you can see, besides pommed, a fan | script, and the webcam, there’s really very | little tweaking required. Everythi...

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive 500GB ,----[ Quote ] | A network drive serves two main purposes. | One, it is a place to store your files – | plain and simple. When you are maxed out on | space on your PC, a network drive affords the | extensive storage required for advanced | computing work, media files and backups. The | second main purpose: enhancing your digital | life. More than just a network drive, the | Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive – which | is about the size of a male hand and styled | with an unassuming black enclosure – provides | a wealth of powerful and unusual digital | media features, many of which work quite well | with Linux computers. `---- http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/opinion/iomega-500gb/ PC fits into keyboard, uses only five Watts ,----[ Quote ] | Thailand-based NorhTec announced a device | touted as "the world's most energy-efficient | desktop computer," offered for only $99 with | the Linux version. Built into a standard- | sized keyboard, the "Gecko Surfboard" runs on | a 1GHz x86 SoC (system on chip), operates | fanlessly, and uses just five Watts, the | company says. `---- http://www.linuxfordevices.com/c/a/News/NorhTec-Gecko-Surfboard/?kc=rss Recent: New generation of Iomega's double-drive desktop NAS appliance ,----[ Quote ] | The appliance utilizes the EMC LifeLine | software, a fully-developed Linux operating | environment and suite o...

[LINUX] Info: Intel D845GEBV2 mainboard and Linux 2.4.21/2.4.22
I recently had to install Linux on a i845 based system (D845GEBV2 mainboard). In short: Using 2.4.21 and possibly some earlier 2.4 kernels will enrich your system with "DMA timeout" and "hda: lost interrupt" errors. Using 2.4.22 will fix this. -- Mvh. / Best regards, Steen Suder <http://www.suder.dk/> ICQ UIN 4133803 ...

[News] New Reviews of Tiny Core Linux 2.1, CDLinux 0.9.2, Live Linux Gaming 0.9.5, PCLinuxOS Minime 09.1
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Tiny Core Linux 2.1 ,----[ Quote ] | They say that good things come in small packages and so it is with Tiny Core | Linux, a diminutive but powerful distribution. TCL weighs in at an incredibly | petite 11MB when you download it. Yes, it really is that tiny. Tiny Core | Linux is based on Busybox, the Linux 2.6 kernel, JWM, Fltk and Tiny X. `---- http://desktoplinuxreviews.com/2009/07/01/tiny-core-linux-2-1/ CDLinux 0.9.2 Community Edition Review ,----[ Quote ] | Five weeks ago when I wrote an overview of Debris Linux I received a number | of requests to review other mini distributions from DistroWatch Weekly | readers. CDLinux is a minimalist distro from China which takes a different | approach to small. Rather than cram as many application as possible onto a | mini (3"/8cm) CD, the CDLinux Community Edition aims for excellent support of | half a dozen languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese and | Russian), support for a wide variety of filesystems and excellent hardware | support, including CUPS and XSane for printers and scanners, all of which are | included in the 204MB iso. They also offer a "standard" edition, just 64MB in | size, which includes a basic Xfce desktop and almost no applications at all. | CDLinux "standard" does include popular rescue and admin tools, making it an | excellent choice for a recovery CD. Finally, the 25MB "mini" edition is | co...

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Derivative - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
... is about the term as used in calculus . For a less technical overview of the subject, see differential calculus . For other uses, see Derivative ...

Derivative - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
... is about the term as used in calculus . For a less technical overview of the subject, see differential calculus . For other uses, see Derivative ...

Derivative - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
... is about the term as used in calculus . For a less technical overview of the subject, see differential calculus . For other uses, see Derivative ...

Facebook Claims Conflict Of Interest, Seeks Dismissal Of Derivative Lawsuit
Can the same law firm unsuccessfully bid to lead a class-action suit against a company, and then file a related derivative lawsuit against the ...

Financial Oligarchy and the New Robber Barons w/Derivatives Guru Janet Tavakoli - YouTube
Follow us @ http://twitter.com/laurenlyster http://twitter.com/coveringdelta Welcome to Capital Account. Bernanke speaks and everyone seems to ...

Star Wars: The Force Awakens review: Big, loud, huge fun and hugely derivative
JJ Abrams takes George Lucas' original and pumps it full steroids - it ticks every box, rifles every memory and renovates much-loved characters ...

Star Wars: The Force Awakens review: Big, loud, huge fun and hugely derivative
JJ Abrams takes George Lucas' original and pumps it full steroids - it ticks every box, rifles every memory and renovates much-loved characters ...

Shatter marijuana derivative increasingly worries Calgary police
Police are concerned about shatter, a marijuana-derivative drug that is so potent it can cause bouts of psychosis in people who inhale it. It ...

... firm clients in Hong Kong, where we have made 10 US associate and counsel placements in recent years, has an urgent need to hire a few derivatives ...

ASX profit up 7.3pc, but derivatives income flat
The ASX has reported a 7.3 per cent lift in after-tax profit to $213.1 million, just ahead of market forecasts, driven by new listings and big ...

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