[News] GNU/Linux and Ballnux at FLISOL Nicaragua (Free Software Event)

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FLISOL Nicaragua 2010


Second round of pictures from the FLISOL Venezuela

,----[ Quote ]
| Continuing with another round of pictures from 
| the Venezuelan FLISOL, i bring here a small 
| recopilation of pictures from galleries of the 
| main site, Caracas, where openSUSE has 
| presence like in the other 19 sites.



Nicaraguan schools go Ubuntu


20,000 Ubuntu laptops for teachers in Nicaragua

,----[ Quote ]
| 20,000 laptops for teachers with
| Guardabarranco GNU/Linux pre-installed will
| be deployed in the first phase of this
| project, followed by the installation of the
| system in computer labs in public schools
| using LTSP.


Nicaragua Builds An Innovative Agricultural Information System Using Open Source Software

,----[ Quote ]
| An experiment in Nicaragua shows just how
| powerful Open Source software can be in
| leveling the playing field. The second
| poorest country of the Americas now has one
| of the best software solutions for displaying
| agricultural data in the western hemisphere.


Flying on the wings of freedom

,----[ Quote ]
| Guardabarranco is the national bird of Nicaragua. It’s also the name of a
| public school that migrated to GNU/Linux back in 2005.


Nicaragua: Open Source Software in Public Institutions

,----[ Quote ]
| The blogger LEOGG has been working with public institutions to take full
| advantage of these technologies in order to make them more efficient. In his
| post “Nicaragua Libre” (Free Nicaragua), LEOGG  explains how they helped
| Jalapa, a rural town near the border of Honduras in the north of the country
| how to develop and use Linux-based software.


Mandriva Linux Community Newsletter #129

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the strengths of Mandriva has long been its popularity and strong
| community base all around the world, in areas not always considered by the
| mainstream Linux press. Continuing this fine tradition, June 14th saw a
| Mandriva installfest and conference in Nicaragua, arranged by the Nicaraguan
| Mandriva user community. The event was well-attended, and even had press
| coverage in a popular Nicaraguan newspaper (link in Spanish). Many people
| brought their systems to have Mandriva Linux installed, and many copies of
| Mandriva Linux Free and One were distributed to those who couldn't bring
| their systems to the event.


Nicaragua is using mandriva!!

,----[ Quote ]
| We would like to have support from our friends around the world.
| Thank you, it would be good if you visit us, help us with new material and
| tell latin users that we have a portal in Nicaragua.


ITAN partners Mandriva Linux, Omatek, Zinox, Brian, Beta on OSPC

,----[ Quote ]
| At the just concluded 22nd National Conference and 30th Anniversary of the
| Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), the Information Technology (Industry)
| Association of Nigeria (ITAN), a major interest group in the Society
| announced its partnership with Mandriva West Africa for Mandriva Linux (ML)
| an Open Source Operating and Application software on all the PCs, laptops,
| notebooks and thumbdrives for its Old Students’ Computer In School Initiative
| (OS_CISI) now branded “OSPC” ie Old Students’ Personal Computer.


Nigeria: Unilag, Mandriva Linus in ICT Partnership

,----[ Quote ]
| Mandriva Linux, the global editor of Linux distribution, with head office in
| Paris, incorporated a subsidiary, Mandriva Linux West Africa Limited with
| headquarters in Lagos .



2008 Linux Nicaragua Tour

,----[ Quote ]
| While many today see Linux as a "just download it" or "just buy it" product,
| it hasn't always been that way. Installfests were actually the norm. Well,
| that's what is happening in Nicaragua. I received the following announcement
| in email—not from a geek mailing list but from the list of a social rights
| activists.

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