[News] GNU/Linux iTunes 'Killers', New Version of Photoshop 'Killer'

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5 Great iTunes Replacements for Managing iPod in Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Amarok makes use of core components from the K Desktop Environment. Aside 
| from playing music files, it serves many functions. Here are some of Amarok's 
| main features:  
| * Playing media files in various formats including but not limited to 
| (depending on the setup) FLAC, Ogg, MP3, AAC, WAV, Windows Media Audio, Apple 
| Lossless, WavPack, TTA and Musepack. Amarok does not play digital music files 
| embedded with DRM.   


GIMP 2.5.4 Development Release

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| GIMP approaches the next stable release and only a handful bugs are left to 
| be fixed before GIMP 2.6 is ready. 



GIMP User Filter allows use of Photoshop filters

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| One brake on the GIMP's popularity is that, while it boasts dozens of
| filters, a rival like Photoshop boasts thousands. You may only occasionally
| need a special effect that imitates a pencil sketch or a famous style of
| painting such as Impressionism or Cubism, but, when you do, having a filter
| to create the effect instantly saves serious amount of time. To help bridge
| this divide, the GIMP is reviving the User Filter from its 1.x releases. This
| filter is a kind of meta-plugin that allows users to import and manage
| Photoship filters or, if they have the knowledge, to write their own.



Gimp vs. Photoshop

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| The truth is, they're both winners when they're used in the proper
| context. The Gimp just doesn't have support in the areas that are
| necessary to make it useful in a commercial application. However,
| you cannot justify the price of Photoshop for personal use when the
| Gimp will do everything it can do outside of commercial printing. I
| know I've beat the horse to death, but unless you want to pirate
| software, there is no reason to use Photoshop if you're not producing
| a print publication ? use the Gimp.


GIMPshop - Linux Graphic Software

,----[ Quote ]
| While the functionalities of GIMP and Photoshop largely overlap,
| window layout, options, tools, and menus have evolved independently
| and are quite different. This causes frustration for people who
| want to switch from Photoshop to GIMP or vice versa.


Best of GIMP brushes: 35+ brush sets (1400+ brushes)

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| GIMP is an open-source image editing program, one of the most popular
| image-editing programs. It is supported by a huge open-source community that
| is open in every aspect - development, source, sharing and participation.  
| [...]
| And what better way for me to admire GIMP than by presenting a list of some
| amazing, beautiful and stunning brushes?  


Gimp Tutorial - Fast Flaming Text

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| There's a few flame effect tutorials out there, but all the ones I've found
| are either badly outdated or too fiddly. This is how I set any object -
| including text - ablaze with the Gimp, in just six quick steps.  
| Done with Gimp 2.2.13, which I'll keep using for tutorials until more Linux
| distros start including 2.4 by default. If you've soldiered on to 2.4, the
| menus will be all switched around, but the effects should all still be there
| somewhere. Click images to get full-size shot.  


Top 40+ GIMP plugins

,----[ Quote ]
| Much like Firefox, GIMP’s strength lies in its plugins, which are developed
| by the open-source toting community. Since the users themselves develop them,
| they know all the needs and conceive a plugin for everything (well, except
| making a coffee for you ;) ).  

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