[News] GNU/Linux Luminary on Moving from Microsoft Partner to GNU/Linux

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End of the year, a decade and an era.

,----[ Quote ]
| Over time I could tell that my message of 
| Linux and Free Software was beginning to 
| put a strain on Digital's management, 
| since one of Digital's biggest "partners" 
| was Microsoft, so in 1999 I was offered 
| the opportunity to "do Linux full time", 
| and I accepted, leaving Digital and my 
| "six figure salary."
| In many ways the ten years since 1999 have 
| been some of the best in my entire life. I 
| have met and talked with many amazing and 
| passionate people. While I had traveled to 
| many counties as part of Digital's Unix 
| group (both as a trainer and as a 
| marketing person), I often talked only to 
| managers and large groups of people in 
| conferences and conventions. 


A Tale of Two Cultures

,----[ Quote ]
| There are fundamental differences between 
| people who use GNU/Linux and those who use 
| that other OS. The former rarely worry 
| about the speed of their systems. The 
| latter have DRM, malware, WGdisA and bloat 
| constantly in their face.
| [...]
| All these blessing are ours out of the box 
| when we use GNU/Linux instead of that 
| other OS. For purposes of education, we 
| will have a system that the school 
| controls, not some corporate monopoly. We 
| will have a system that works for us and 
| our students, not against us.



Some nice things happened on the way through life.....

,----[ Quote ]
| He reminded me that I had taken him to visit
| my two goddaughters, and as we sat on the
| floor playing with them, their father, Linus
| Torvalds, came into the room and talked with
| us a bit. Afterwards we left the house and
| he said that I was "never to do that to him
| again". "Do what?", I asked, "I told you I
| was going to see my god-daughters...."
| I had "forgotten" about these times, but of
| course I remembered them when he told me. I
| am glad when I can influence someone's life
| in a positive way.
| When I met Mark Spencer, the creator of the
| Asterisk project, he told me that a talk I
| gave at a conference in 1999 convinced him
| to make the project Free and Open Source. It
| is revelations like this that keep me going.


I never won a Nobel Peace Prize.

,----[ Quote ]
| I woke up on the morning of October 9th to
| find that President Obama had won the Nobel
| Peace Prize.
| There was a lot of discussion about whether
| President Obama had "earned" the honor or
| not, and a lot of discussion about how the
| Nobel Peace Prize is not always for what
| you have done, but encouraging you to keep
| going in what you are doing.
| As I read his acceptance speech, I thought
| about Free and Open Source Software, and
| applied parts of his speech to my favorite
| subject.
| "Let me be clear, I do not view it as a
| recognition of my own accomplishments"
| A lot of people have said to me, "Thank you
| for what you do for Free Software". I tell
| them that I was someone who was in a
| particular place at a particular time. I
| did what I thought needed doing, and what I
| had skills to do.


This takes the cake (and make mine chocolate!)

,----[ Quote ]
| I heard recently, and could not really believe it until
| I saw it, that Microsoft was encouraging people to throw
| "Tupperware(R) parties" at their homes in order to
| launch the new version of Microsoft's products.
| [...]
| Linux can't do that, since anyone that anxious to get a
| fresh distribution of Linux just pulls it down off the
| Internet. This also allows the Linux user to get their
| beauty sleep instead of standing in line outside some
| store for hours.


Winners of maddogs Colombian Multimedia Challenge

,----[ Quote ]
| The fact that the contestants learned about the use of Free Software
| multimedia tools, Creative Commons and understand media licensing more, made
| the effort of putting on the Challenge worthwhile.


What a long, strange trip it has been...and continues to be

,----[ Quote ]
| While a lot of people are still using closed source, proprietary software,
| the message of Free Software is becoming better understood by more people. I
| believe we are gaining the critical mass needed to provide good jobs for
| anyone writing and contributing to Free Software.
| On Tuesday, May 26th I leave for a conference in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
| There, as I have for a couple of conferences this year and will for a couple
| more conferences this year, I will be talking to young people (and
| not-so-young people) about both the past history and the future promise of
| Free Software.


Paw Prints: Writings of the maddog

,----[ Quote ]
| I was working for Digital Equipment Corporation when I first met Linus and
| facilitated the port of Linux onto the Alpha processor.
| During the port, a member of the community contacted me and asked if Digital
| would contribute their math library to the Linux project, since Digital's
| math library was a great deal faster than the one currently in use on the
| Alpha Linux port. I easily got Digital to contribute the Digital Unix math
| library in binary form, but they refused to make the library "open source"
| because of the investment that they had put into it.


When Linux fails

,----[ Quote ]
| Jon “Maddog” Hall’s keynote talk at the Ontario Linux Fest also made this
| point in a very powerful way. Jon is a wonderfully entertaining speaker, and
| not afraid of controversy. Showing a picture of a child in the African bush
| holding a “One Laptop per Child” laptop he said, “I don’t care about this
| kid.” The audience drew a shocked breath. “He’s screwed,” continued
| Jon. “Five hundred miles of bush behind him, five hundred miles of bush in
| front of him. There’s nothing I can do to help here”. Jon flipped the slide
| to show a Brazilian “favela”, or slum city, with an incredibly dense
| population, seeming to cling to the side of a nearby hill. He said, “This is
| where I can help. These kids have electricity. They can get a network
| connection. I can do something with Open Source and Free Software here”.
| Jon isn’t a callous person. He’s just decided to focus his resources on
| somewhere he knows he can help today. It’s hard to find fault with him for
| that.


Show me the Code

,----[ Quote ]
| I was probably always subtly aware of the abilities of some free software
| programmers, so I should not continue to be amazed by what they can do. But I
| must admit they do continue to astonish me.



Open Source Software and Africa

,----[ Quote ]
| As an advocate for free, open-source software, I have run into
| Microsoft's "battles" many times, and your article ("Microsoft Battles
| Low-Cost Rival for Africa," page one, Oct. 28) made visible many of the
| issues around money-poor African nations being wooed by a large, powerful
| monopoly.
| However, your article doesn't go into the deeper value of using FOSS in
| Africa. Because FOSS supplies the source code for the software used, end
| users have the choice of using the software as it exists on the Internet or
| changing the software to meet their needs. Getting security fixes for
| software running on older systems (a natural need when you make $3 a day),
| changing the software to support your native language (not everyone speaks
| English), getting ancient peripherals to work long after the vendor lost
| interest in them (usually less than a year after the product ships), and
| developing a software economy in their own economic terms (creating high-tech
| jobs inside of their countries, instead of sending the money out of their
| countries) are all things that should be considered in the argument of free
| versus closed-source software.
| The public should ask how a company like Microsoft can continue to justify to
| their shareholders creating needed changes to their software for people who
| can't pay for those changes? The answer is that they can't justify it. In the
| future they will have to either start charging for the software on which
| people are now dependent or abandon the effort.

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Amnesia: The Dark Descent pre-order discount! ,----[ Quote ] | Frictional Games, which produced the | successful Penumbra Game Series have | announced recently, that since the Humble | Indie Bundle is such a great success (close | to 50000 contributions so far) they offer | Amnesia: The Dark Descent for pre-order at | 50% discount (which amounts then to 10$) | until May 11. `---- http://www.linuxgames.com/archives/15169 GNU/Linux Users Contribute Twice As Much As Windows Users ! ,----[ Quote ] | One of the companies behind The Humble | Indie Bundle, Wolfire Games reports that | GNU/Linux users contribute twice as much as | Windows users ! | | This is not the first time the GNU/Linux | gamers prove that they are excellent | costumers, a while ago I posted that when | 2dboy the developers of World Of Goo which | BTW is also a part of the Humble Indie | Bundle, made the birthday sales week, | GNU/Linux users chose to pay more the the | Mac and Windows users. `---- http://lgn.linux-hardcore.com/gnulinux-users-contribute-twice-as-much-as-windows-users/ http://www.wolfire.com/humble?l=groups The Humble Indie Bundle: Pay-What-You-Want for Games and Help EFF! ,----[ Quote ] | Wolfire Games is running an innovative pay- | what-you-want promotion for five great | indie video games with some proceeds | benefiting EFF! Normally the five games | would be valued at $80, but from now until | Tuesday, 5/11, you can ...

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Net Applications Changes Methodology: Windows & Linux Market Share Rises ,----[ Quote ] | The problem was that a large portion of the website visitors that are counted | come from the USA and other English speaking countries. This means that | worldwide data was more representative of the USA than of the rest of the | world. The problem is that the OS market share is currently very different in | the USA than the rest of the world: the Mac OSX market share is much higher, | but the Windows and Linux market share are lower. `---- http://www.tech-no-media.com/2009/08/net-applications-changes-methodology.html Recent: The Truth About Mac OS X User Stats ,----[ Quote ] | Now, of course, one can discuss Net Applications' methodology endlessly and | question the credibility of any organization that has to revise its figures | by as much as 50 percent. But that's all rather missing the important point. | The point is that America's purchasing patterns aren't necessarily the same | as the rest of the world's. `---- http://www.serverwatch.com/trends/article.php/3833076/The-Truth-About-Mac-OS-X-User-Stats.htm Net Applications: Apple just lost half its ‘market share’ ,----[ Quote ] | The so-called market share reports issued every month by Net Applications | have long been controversial — mostly because they didn’t actually measure | market share (which business people typically express as the numb...

[News] LinCity-NG Serves GNU/Linux Users, More Twitter Clients for GNU/Linux
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Freebie LinCity-NG Builds on Classic City Sims ,----[ Quote ] | When I first downloaded LinCity-NG (free), I figured it was a simple clone of | an older version of SimCity, primarily aimed at the *nix market. As it turns | out, it's more like a first cousin once removed, but that's not entirely a | bad thing. `---- http://www.linuxworld.com/reviews/2009/071709-freebie-lincity-ng-builds-on-classic.html?fsrc=rss-linux-news 7 of the Best Free Linux Twitter Clients ,----[ Quote ] | Micro-blogging is all the rage these days. It is a webservice which allows | the subscriber to send short text updates or micromedia such as photos or | audio clips and publish them, either to be viewed by anyone or by a | restricted group which can be chosen by the user. Subscribers can read | microblog posts online or request that updates be delivered in real time to | their desktop as an instant message or sent to a mobile device as an SMS text | message. | | With micro-blogging, posts are brief (typically 140 – 200 characters) and can | be written or received with a variety of computing devices. `---- http://www.linuxlinks.com/article/20090718060703717/Twitter.html Recent: Small Universe: LinCity-NG 2.0 ,----[ Quote ] | Lincity-NG (the NG means Next Generation) is a graphical and game-oriented | city planning simulation, now updated in version 2.0, that not only includes | graphic enhancements but provides entire...

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