[News] GNU/Linux on $99 PC; With Windows, It's 50% More Expensive

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NorhTec Gecko Surfboard: $99 Linux PC in a keyboard

,----[ Quote ]
| The oft-delayed ASUS Eee Keyboard is a great 
| concept – squeezing everything from a nettop 
| into a QWERTY form-factor – but what if your 
| computing ambitions are even more moderate?  
| NorhTec reckon they have the product for you 
| in the shape of the Gecko Surfboard, 
| outwardly a regular QWERTY keyboard but 
| actually packed with a 1GHz x86 system-on-
| chip (SoC), VGA and composite video outputs, 
| 10/100 ethernet and optional WiFi b/g or even 
| 3G. 


Norhtec Gecko Surfboard Keyboard PC

,----[ Quote ]
| The Norhtec Gecko Surfboard Keyboard PC comes 
| with a choice of either Linux or Windows XP 
| as the operating system, prices star at just 
| $99 for the Linux version and about $149 for 
| the Windows XP version.


NorhTec Geko Surfboard Will Be At CES 2010


PC fits into keyboard, uses only five Watts

,----[ Quote ]
| Thailand-based NorhTec announced a device 
| touted as "the world's most energy-efficient 
| desktop computer," offered for only $99 with 
| the Linux version. Built into a standard-
| sized keyboard, the "Gecko Surfboard" runs on 
| a 1GHz x86 SoC (system on chip), operates 
| fanlessly, and uses just five Watts, the 
| company says.



Dell intros new low-cost ultrathin, Vostro V13

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell has introduced a new low-cost ultrathin
| notebook, the Vostro V13. The system closely
| resembles Dell's recently released flagship
| Adamo, except it's lighter and a grand
| cheaper. The Vostro V13 is about 0.65in thin,
| weighs 3.5lbs and starts at $449 with Ubuntu
| 9.04 or $599 with Windows 7 Home Premium.

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Linux leader on Microsoft woes ,----[ Quote ] | Microsoft today laid off 1,400 workers, with another 3,600 on the block | within 18 months. We asked Linux Foundation Director Jim Zemlin what if any | role Linux played in Microsoft's misfortunes, how Microsoft will react, and | what it could mean for Linux and the open source community. Enjoy . . . ! `---- http://linuxdevices.com/articles/AT8154244993.html http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20090122-microsoft-sees-profits-fall-starts-layoffs.html "Client software felt the slum...

[News] [Linux] 90% of Autodesk's Systems Product Revenue is GNU/Linux
Autodesk F1Q08 (Qtr End 4/30/07) Earnings Call Transcript ,----[ Quote ] | As customers continue to transition away from proprietary high-end | SGI workstations, revenue from our Linux based solutions continues | to show strong growth. In fact this quarter, nearly 90% of our | systems product revenue was Linux based. Overall, I'm very | pleased with our performance this quarter. `---- http://seekingalpha.com/article/35916?source=feed Related: Over 100 Additional Post-production Facilities Adopt Autodesk's Visual Effects and Editing/Finishing Systems ,----[ Quote ] | In April 2006...

[News] Google's Linux Phones SDK Becomes a GNU/Linux Distribution
Android SDK in the fly ,----[ Quote ] | The open source community called Vafeo, once more surprises bringing now not | only a full Operational System but one Linux Distro (Vd_android), with | Android SDK built in. In many cases people get bother to mess with the OS | hardDrive in this case, don’t. Because you’re completely able to run it from | your CD, not requiring installation. If you prefer install, you’re free to | choose, just choose where, in second partition, replacing your OS, or also | install in your pen drive. `---- http://www.gphonemodules.com/2008/01/18/anadroid-sdk...

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