[News] Google's Linux Phones SDK Becomes a GNU/Linux Distribution

Android SDK in the fly

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| The open source community called Vafeo, once more surprises bringing now not 
| only a full Operational System but one Linux Distro (Vd_android), with 
| Android SDK built in. In many cases people get bother to mess with the OS 
| hardDrive in this case, don’t. Because you’re completely able to run it from 
| your CD, not requiring installation. If you prefer install, you’re free to 
| choose, just choose where, in second partition, replacing your OS, or also 
| install in your pen drive.      



Google Android gets positive early reviews

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| While Google's Android announcement generated a lot of hype, developers had 
| to wait a week to see whether the company had actually developed a good  
| platform. 


Funambol CEO Fabrizio Capobianco: Linux Is Mobile's Future

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| LinuxInsider met with Capobianco to discuss his view on the role of open 
| source in creating Mobile 2.0 as a voice and data carrier parallel to the 
| Internet. The meeting occurred in the wake of Google's announcement earlier 
| this month that it was negotiating with wireless carriers, handset makers, 
| software developers and hardware providers to use an open source mobile 
| platform, Android.     

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