[News] Government of France and Texas Lean Towards Free/Open Source/Open Data

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FR: Chamber of Commerce selects open source for craftsmen

,----[ Quote ]
| A DVD with a selection of free and open 
| source software applications tailored to 
| very small businesses (VSBs), was 
| published by the Chamber of Commerce for 
| Crafts and Trades of the French Somme 
| Department, earlier this year.
| "Our goal is to assist VSBs in their use 
| of office productivity tools and business 
| applications", writes Alain Bethfort, 
| president of the organisation, in his 
| introduction.


Texas moves emphasize need to open source education

,----[ Quote ]
| Texas has created an enormous opportunity 
| for states, for communities, for 
| publishers, and for authors to use open 
| source and mass customization to transform 
| education, just as those savings are most 
| needed.


Spreading the Word about Open Government Data

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the most amazing - and heartening - 
| developments in the world of openness 
| recently has been the emergence of the 
| open government movement. Although still 
| in its early stages, this will potentially 
| have important ramifications for business, 
| since one of the ideas at its heart is the 
| opening up of government datasets for 
| anyone to use and build on - including for 
| commercial purposes (depending on the 
| particular licences). The UK and US are 
| leading the way in this sphere, and an 
| important question is to what extent the 
| experiences of these two countries can be 
| generalised. 



Texas Group Brings Linux Computers Home

,----[ Quote ]
| In 2008, The HeliOS Project built, placed and supported 329 computers where
| they were needed.  Sometimes it was necessary to travel over 100 miles to do
| it.  Admittedly, 329 computers doesn’t sound like much.  Not many at all in
| the scope of things.  That is until you take into consideration one relevant
| fact.
| It was done almost exclusively by one man.  One guy in a a beat up old Isuzu
| Rodeo with questionable braking ability and over a quarter million miles on
| it…that’s averages out to 1 computer installed in a child’s home every 26.6
| hours in a year’s time.

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