[News] Great Year's Beginning and Year's End for GNU/Linux

What linux really needs in 2009

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| Help spread the word, but remember don't preach. Grab a
| sticker on your bag that announces to the world your
| support of , Show off your Linux box to your mates and
| amaze them with how beautiful things are, even offer them a
| live CD so they too can experience Linux without deleting
| their current installation.even blog about Linux, just
| getting the name out there and making Linux material more
| accessible to mainstream society.


2008: A year of the Linux Distillery in review

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| As 2008 draws its final breath let's reflect on some of the
| highlights of the year. There were major new FOSS releases,
| battles with Microsoft, arguments to further the cause of
| Linux as a viable server and desktop platform and more.


Ubuntu Year in Review 2008

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| I did a 2007 Year in Review post last year. I remember it
| being lots of fun looking back and thinking about all the
| awesome work that the community did. Good thing I only
| remembered the fun part, and forgot how hard it is to just
| pick a few things to write about, or I wouldn=92t have
| started this post!



Mainstream media writes Windows obit

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| Wow, a tough day for Windows.
| BusinessWeek reports that HP,
| the world=92s biggest PC company, is so troubled
| by Vista=92s =91tepid reception=92 and
| Apple=92s resurgence that it is developing its
| own operating system. Meanwhile
| a New York Times columnist writes on his blog
| that Windows is =93already dying a
| death by a thousand cuts.=94

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