[News] How to Make GNU/Linux a Real Gaming Machine, Dread Moon Comes to GNU/Linux

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Michael Dorrington, 100% free software gaming: No cheating! – Tuesday 19th January

,----[ Quote ]
| Graphical computer games are a part of 
| software, even free software. They are fun and 
| are useful for making the free software user 
| happier.
| Michael will be demonstrating 100% free 
| software graphical games on 100% free software 
| system. There are lots of free software 
| graphical games. Unfortunately, many are not in 
| a suitable state of completion, are not good 
| games or require non-free video drivers. The 
| talk will show top quality free software 
| graphical games that work well on free video 
| drivers.


Burn XBOX 360 games in Ubuntu 9.10


Announcing Dread Moon Linux / Andromeda

,----[ Quote ]
| Team Allita, Inc. is today announcing the 
| Andromeda release of Dread Moon Linux along 
| with a support site at http://dreadmoon.com/.  
| Dread Moon is a remix of Ubuntu 9.04 that 
| provides a complete Linux development 
| environment for game and multi-media 
| developers.  This release is primarily intended 
| to eliminate a major roadblock to the 
| development of games and multimedia 
| applications under Linux that is a consequence 
| of the fact that many of the related software 
| libraries are not available as installable 
| packages.



Linux gaming: It’s not all bad

,----[ Quote ]
| The arrival of HoN and the announcement by
| id developer Timothee Besset that he will be
| overseeing a Linux build of the idTech 5 3D
| engine are both a huge boost for the Linux
| gaming community.


Machinarium - A Tasty Gaming Treat

,----[ Quote ]
| As the game opens you find yourself broken
| and discarded in the dump outside the city
| wall. Your first task is to reassemble
| yourself. Once that is accomplished, you can
| begin your quest to return to the city and
| your girlfriend. Your adventure unfolds as
| you solve puzzle-like problems in order to
| progress. For example, how do you trick the
| guard to lower the drawbridge? Or how might
| you enter a tunnel that remains sealed
| except for the few seconds when a train cart
| passes?


Linux game console ready to ship

,----[ Quote ]
| Envizions announced that it is taking orders for an open-source Linux gaming
| system, and will start shipping beta units to game developers, resellers, and
| software partners on April 10. The EVO Smart Console is based on a 2.4GHz
| Athlon, and includes a Fedora-based Linux distro.


Linux Game "System of Tomorrow" Ships in Two Weeks

,----[ Quote ]
| The EVO Smart Console was originally scheduled for release on November 18th.
| It seems the FCC approval and testing process is taking longer than planned.
| Envizions expects the consoles to ship in the next two weeks. There are also
| two versions (in four configurations) available.


Linux Gaming Console Coming in November

,----[ Quote ]
| Envizions Computer Entertainment announced recently that the Linux-based EVO
| gaming console will be available for sale November 18.
| There have been dedicated gaming consoles that are able to run Linux, namely
| the PS3. In these cases, Linux made the console function more as a home
| computer than a gaming rig. The EVO system uses Linux to power the games.


EVO Smart Console: Playstation Competition?

,----[ Quote ]
| With its EVO Smart Console, Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation out
| of Atlanta, Georgia, has brought a Linux-based console to market that should
| appeal to both gamers and multimedia fans alike.
| Now in prototype, it is initially targeted at enthusiasts, developers and
| early adopters. It is set to conquer the mass market by next year. The EVO
| Smart Console runs on the company’s Fedora 8 compatible Mirrors Evolution
| platform. The device should reach the market at about $250 through a refund
| system, with Windows for an additional $100. its hardware consists of a
| water-cooled 64-bit Athlon Quadcore 64x2 CPU running at 2.9 GHz and an ATI HD
| 3200 graphics card. The console supports HD standards 1080i and 1080p,
| includes 2 Gbytes RAM, and runs a 120-Gbyte hard drive. The box supports the
| H.264 VC1 and MPEG2 multimedia codecs and emits video signals as DVI and

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Nov. 5: EVO Open Source Game Console From Envizions Set To Officially Release With Feature And Performance Enhancements ,----[ Quote ] | EVO, the first open source game console, is | expected out of beta Nov. 5, 2009. EVO is | the first fully supported open source game | console designed for both mainstream and | open source users. The company sold several | beta units to resellers and customers with | excellent feedback. `---- http://eworldwire.com/pressreleases/211330 Linux gaming: It’s not all bad ,----[ Quote ] | The arrival of HoN and the announcement by | id developer Timothee Besset that he will be | overseeing a Linux build of the idTech 5 3D | engine are both a huge boost for the Linux | gaming community. `---- http://www.mygaming.co.za/news/PC/4710-Linux-gaming-Its-not-all-bad.html Machinarium - A Tasty Gaming Treat ,----[ Quote ] | As the game opens you find yourself broken | and discarded in the dump outside the city | wall. Your first task is to reassemble | yourself. Once that is accomplished, you can | begin your quest to return to the city and | your girlfriend. Your adventure unfolds as | you solve puzzle-like problems in order to | progress. For example, how do you trick the | guard to lower the drawbridge? Or how might | you enter a tunnel that remains sealed | except for the few seconds when a train cart | passes? `---- http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/40704 Recent: Linux game c...

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 End of the year, a decade and an era. ,----[ Quote ] | Over time I could tell that my message of | Linux and Free Software was beginning to | put a strain on Digital's management, | since one of Digital's biggest "partners" | was Microsoft, so in 1999 I was offered | the opportunity to "do Linux full time", | and I accepted, leaving Digital and my | "six figure salary." | | In many ways the ten years since 1999 have | been some of the best in my entire life. I | have met and talked with many amazing and | passionate people. While I had traveled to | many counties as part of Digital's Unix | group (both as a trainer and as a | marketing person), I often talked only to | managers and large groups of people in | conferences and conventions. `---- http://www.linux-magazine.com/Online/Blogs/Paw-Prints-Writings-of-the-maddog/End-of-the-year-a-decade-and-an-era A Tale of Two Cultures ,----[ Quote ] | There are fundamental differences between | people who use GNU/Linux and those who use | that other OS. The former rarely worry | about the speed of their systems. The | latter have DRM, malware, WGdisA and bloat | constantly in their face. | | [...] | | All these blessing are ours out of the box | when we use GNU/Linux instead of that | other OS. For purposes of education, we | will have a system that the school | controls, not some corporate monopoly. We | will hav...

[News] IBM Could Replace Solaris with GNU/Linux, Advertise GNU/Linux
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 IBM smells Sun red ink ,----[ Quote ] | Based on the methodologies developed at Sector7, IBM launched the Migration | Factory service back in mid-2005, which aimed primarily at getting Solaris | shops to move to IBM servers running Linux, but which has subsequently been | expanded to cover migrations to AIX. To date, Migration Factory has done | 1,200 customer migrations. `---- http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/11/03/ibm_chases_sun_shops/ Linux: The Joe Sixpack Strategy ,----[ Quote ] | Right now, your average end-user who doesn’t fre...

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[News] Gordux GNU/Linux is Released, Canabix Linux is Coming
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Gordux GNU/Linux is distributed under GNU GPL license. You can find a license copy in GNU home page. ,----[ Quote ] | Gordux's first version (0.2) was based on MandrivaLinux distribution, current | version (1.0) is LFS .Gordux contains a Linux Kernel (this low level software | provides control on the hardware) and a great diversity of GNU tools (These | tools do that GNU/Linux is an extremely robust development platform). `---- http://gordux.net23.net/eng/index.php Canabix Linux distro starting up, checking it out ,----[ Quote ] | I recently found out about a new Linux distro that has not yet been released: | Canabix. Like UNIX, this name seems to be a play on words, like “What have | you been smoking”? `---- http://usalug-org.blogspot.com/2009/08/canabix-linux-distro-starting-up.html http://cathbard.com/canabix-preview.html Recent: Torvalds rejects one-size-fits-all Linux ,----[ Quote ] | Linus Torvalds has rejected the argument that Linux developers should pool | their resources behind a single distribution. `---- http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/246534/torvalds-rejects-onesizefitsall-linux.html -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux) iEYEARECAAYFAkqNRIwACgkQU4xAY3RXLo51FgCgo31TkFQh+0veyFahpf5/gjfd 1vgAnRco1fJny9PPjPY4SO0Erth5s/oB =2FbB -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- ...

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Switching to Linux with Puppy ,----[ Quote ] | If you would like to be sure that you are | doing online banking from a clean system, | just run your operating system of choice | (Windows/Linux/Mac) everyday and boot from | the Puppy CD before going to your banking | site. This is a great way to prevent malware | keyloggers from stealing your banking | credentials. `---- http://systemsengineer.wordpress.com/2010/01/01/switching-to-linux-with-puppy/ Live CDs... EASY! Samsung NC10 – a pleasant Ubuntu experience ,----[ Quote ] | Anyway, how does it fair with Ubuntu? | | I used an Ubuntu 9.10 live USB session to see | what was working. I was pleased to discover | that it appears to be everything. Wireless, | bluetooth, correct resolution, touch pad and | keyboard. Battery life is not noticeably | different to Windows either. `---- http://blog.lynxworks.eu/20100101/samsung-nc10-a-pleasant-ubuntu-experience Recent: Puppy Linux: Just for fun ,----[ Quote ] | Puppy Linux is something different, a tiny | version of Linux that can be stored on a USB | memory drive, will run in memory, and can be | used for working on the move. `---- http://www.itpro.co.uk/618739/puppy-linux-just-for-fun -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux) iEYEARECAAYFAks/72MACgkQU4xAY3RXLo70BQCgiTCpj9wzpvUXGrq2sfqu332g yGIAn2NkpG+EkuUH4gY75izRyblg1pDc =fIYk -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- ...

[News] eCube Spreads GNU/Linux, SunGard Builds Own GNU/Linux Platform
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 eCube Delivers Linux on System z Support for NXTera High Performance Middleware ,----[ Quote ] | eCube Systems, a leader in legacy evolution | and application modernization, today announced | that it has achieved the IBM Ready for LINUX | mark for its NXTera™ high performance | middleware. This mark certifies NXTera has met | compatibility and integration specifications | established by IBM for LINUX on the System z | mainframe, which run the daily computer | transactions for many of the world's top banks | and multinational firms. `---- http://www.prweb.com/releases/entera-nxtera-linux/ibm-ready-system-z/prweb3270274.htm SunGard’s MarketMap Provides Tinbergen Asset Management with Real-Time Financial Information ,----[ Quote ] | SunGard’s MarketMap provides Tinbergen with | real-time market data flows that can help the | company automate and streamline its processes | for monitoring real-time market information, | ranging from asset prices to executed orders. | The solution’s Java-based feed offered easy | integration with Tinbergen’s existing systems, | using the firm’s Linux platform. `---- http://www.bobsguide.com/guide/news/2009/Dec/2/SunGard%E2%80%99s_MarketMap_Provides_Tinbergen_Asset_Management_with_Real-Time_Financial_Information.html Related: Microsoft urges resellers to play it straight, beef up revs ,----[ Quote ] | Microsoft has claimed that each dollar it “loses” to software piracy equal...

[News] How GNU/Linux Workspaces Improve Productivity; GNU/Linux in a Window|Windows
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Boost Productivity with Workspaces ,----[ Quote ] | Most often its not the case that you have | only one application open at a particular | time on your computer. With hardware | becoming cheaper & faster, multi-tasking | has become a norm. Its a common sight today | to have a media-player, web browser, chat | client & an image editor all running in | realtime on one’s desktop. Though the | computers can handle such multi-tasking the | user’s productivity most often than not | gets crippled. Blame it on to the cl...

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Trump Rally Canceled Because Todd Palin Injured In Snow Machine Crash

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