[News] India Express Publishes Informecial for Gates and Monsanto, Readers Respond

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Gates backs GM crops: tech must help farmers, feed rising population

,----[ Quote ]
| Giving his full support to the use of 
| genetic engineering in agriculture, 
| Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill 
| Gates today said if the world continued to 
| produce food with existing technologies it 
| would not be able to feed its increasing 
| population.
| In an interview with Shekhar Gupta, 
| Editor-in-Chief of The Indian Express, for 
| NDTV’s Walk The Talk programme, Gates, who 
| is on a visit to India for work related to 
| his charitable foundation, said the world 
| needed newer crops with increased 
| productivity, better adaptability to 
| changing climatic conditions and the ones 
| that use less of insecticides. And these, 
| he said, could only be made through 
| innovations in agricultural biotechnology 
| sector.
| “Technology, properly applied, is the 
| reason, if you like, why nine billion 
| people can live on this planet without 
| destroying it,” said Gates who toured 
| remote villages in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar 
| during his visit. 


GM and Gates


from the comments:

"If memory serves me right this author tried the same GM push earlier without any 
foresight or vision(As expected :)). Now wait..suddenly by adding Bill Gates into 
this mix the author is trying to "cook-up" some credibility around GM food. The idea
 behind organic/sustainable agriculture is for more farmers to embrace it thereby 
making it affordable to everyone. Just by mischaracterizing "organic" food as neo 
rich is not a solution but pure %u201Cpropaganda%u201D. It%u2019s the same lies 
churned out in a new flavor (vanilla with caramel anyone?:)). Again the Gates 
foundation which our author harps about...who are they? who funds them? what is 
BIG GM companies like Monsanto. Cargill%u2019s role in these orgs?"

"Do people like to eat genetically modified chicken and meat? Do Indian farmers 
want to grow genetically modified seeds? Why are the opinion of the Indian farmers missing in this debate?"

They then commit suicide with Monsanto products to protest...

"I concur with Mr Y Srinivas' arguments. Unfortunately our GM science is so poor,
 we have to follow the West to seek innovations and technology. Hope people are 
hearing the aftermath of growing Roundup Ready (RR) crops - RR resistant weeds are 
emerging fast in the USA. If we depend on foreign technology be rest assured that we 
will blackmailed.The editorial here has been influenced by lobbyists."


Monsanto targets public radio to spread false biotech messages

,----[ Quote ]
| For years my alarm has been set to pubic
| radio so I can lie in bed for five minutes
| and have a grasp on the day's news before I
| even get up. I, like many other Americans,
| rely on NPR and other public-radio shows for
| news that is what I deem to be as unbiased
| and fair as possible. But this morning my
| ears burned as I listened to an on the
| American Public Media show Marketplace
| sponsored by Monsanto, the world's largest
| corporate agribusiness chemical firm, touting
| how its genetically modified (GM) seeds are
| going to save the world from environmental
| catastrophe and human hunger. It left me
| wondering, particularly in tough economic
| times, how do media ethics hold up? (The GMO
| seed giant has been bombarding liberal-minded
| publications with similar propaganda, see
| image to the right, for months.)

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Reply Roy 5/24/2010 6:20:24 AM

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