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Kubuntu Linux 9.10

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| I’m please to (mostly) give this release of 
| Kubuntu a thumbs up. Yes, there were some 
| things I didn’t like but overall I think 
| this is a step up from the last release and 
| it’s quite usable. I’d like to see a better 
| software management tool but it is 
| functional as it is (though it leaves much 
| to be desired in some ways) and I don’t 
| think it’s a show-stopper.
| Kubuntu can be used by beginners and more 
| experienced users alike. However, beginners 
| might want to opt for the KDE version of 
| Linux Mint after it is updated to 
| incorporate the latest version of Ubuntu 
| (9.10). It’s not that Kubuntu isn’t worth 
| using, it’s just that Linux Mint is a bit 
| more elegant and includes additional 
| software that makes using it easier and more 
| comfortable right from the start.
| Still, I think that Kubuntu is worth a 
| download and well worth considering if 
| you’re a KDE fan.


Ubuntu 9.10 review: Karmic Koala

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| Nonetheless, there’s virtually nothing an 
| Ubuntu desktop machine can’t do that a 
| Windows one can, and it’s all for free. For 
| that reason alone it makes a lot of sense to 
| at least consider a roll-out or a 
| feasibility study to assess the costs of 
| staff retraining, should you decide to 
| abandon the Microsoft ship.


Review: Ubuntu 9.10 first look

,----[ Quote ]
| As Linux matures, it's becoming more and 
| more of an OS accessible to the average 
| user. KK is another step in that direction. 
| There are still a few foreign concepts for a 
| Windows convert to absorb, but on the whole 
| Ubuntu 9.10, Karmic Koala, is a package that 
| won't be a horrible stretch for the novice, 
| yet contains enhancements for the Linux guru 
| as well.



An overview of Ubuntu 9.10 variants

,----[ Quote ]
| The much-awaited Ubuntu 9.10 was released
| as scheduled last week. For the benefit of
| those readers who are new to the Linux
| world and who might be overwhelmed by the
| sheer number of available options, here is
| a brief recap of the official release line-
| up.


Kubuntu 9.10 – Karmic Koala

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| I for this review I was running on an AMD
| 1.8ghz system with 512mb ram,  NVIDIA
| Driver Version 173.14.20 (on a GeForce Fx
| 5200) so its a pretty old system.  None the
| less it flew like an off the shelf modern
| PC.


Can the Karmic Koala Take on Win 7?

,----[ Quote ]
| The Karmic Koala is getting a warm
| reception among FOSS enthusiasts, but
| opinions are still strongly divided over
| whether this version of Ubuntu -- or
| indeed, any Linux desktop OS -- can win
| over mainstream computer users to any great
| extent.


New Ubuntu appliances from TurnKey

,----[ Quote ]
| TurnKey co-founder Liraz Siri has announced
| the availability of the 2009.10 release
| batch, which includes 40 new and updated
| appliances and support for Amazon EC2.
| TurnKey Linux is an open source project
| with the goal of developing a free virtual
| appliance library that, according to the
| developers, "features the very best server-
| oriented open source software".


Preview of Kubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

,----[ Quote ]
| The release of the newest version of Ubuntu is only
| 10 days away. Many sites, including MakeTechEasier
| have covered its pending arrival and given you a
| glimpse of the Beta version. Today we are going to
| take a look at Kubuntu, the KDE-based version of
| Ubuntu.


A closer look at Kubuntu Karmic Koala and KDE 4.3.1

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| Ubuntu Karmic Koala is still in Beta status, but
| looks very promising. To some extend it beats the
| Release Candidate of Microsoft Windows 7, especially
| in Wireless networking support.
| The big win of Karmic Koala are its even further
| improved speed, less resources hungriness and
| improved hardware support.
| I tested Microsoft Windows 7 RC1 (build 7100),
| Kubuntu GNU/Linux Karmic Koala Alpha 5 and Ubuntu
| GNU/Linux Karmic Koala Beta 1 last week and I'm
| afraid Windows 7 will (b)eat the dust.


5 things make Kubuntu 9.10 special

,----[ Quote ]
| Less than 13 days and Kubuntu 9.10 will be released.
| It is based on Ubuntu 9.10 packages which means it
| will get: Linux kernel 2.6.31, ext4 filesystem by
| default,GRUB 2 boot loader and a lot more.

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