[News] [Linux] 3Com Chooses Linux for High-end Switches, Unisys Chooses Linux for Payments System

Networks finally learning to work together

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| A more technically interesting solution that 3Com has just rolled out is a
| Linux blade running in its high end switches.
| "Imagine a switch or router with a little bit of extra hardware 
| running Linux. We are inviting our partners to put their stuff on
| there, essentially a Linux PC on a blade. It's not about replacing
| servers, it's about putting an app into the network, like WAN
| optimization, packet analysis, netflow, security, things like
| this," he said.


Unisys to Develop Next-Generation Electronic Check Payments System

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| The Unisys solution is based on a Service Oriented Architecture
| (SOA) approach incorporating industry standards, Business Process
| Engineering Language (BPEL), and Linux. 



3Com, IBM extend VOIP/messaging interoperability

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| The VCX/Sametime interoperability also extends to 3Com and IBM
| software running on stand-alone servers. (3Com ships VCX systems
| on a Linux-based appliance, and IBM's Sametime runs on a variety 
| of operating systems and server hardware).


3Com: Turnaround Depends on IBM Deal

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| And that open source voice over IP system, called Asterisk, has reached
| its tipping point. But instead of ignoring such threats, 3Com appears
| ready to embrace them. In fact, I hear that 3Com plans to address
| the Asterisk market within the next few months.


3Com Evaluating Askerisk Strategy

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| The manager politely danced around the question, then indicated that
| 3Com planned to address Asterisk without necessarily competing with
| the open source system. Sounds like 3Com is piecing together a
| strategy to embrace Asterisk. Could there be a partnership or
| acquisition around the corner?
| [...]
| Supporting Asterisk would propel 3Com?s open platform strategy
| forward.


3Com touts open source

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| 3Com's OSN module is a Linux-based server blade that fits into
| the company's 6000 series routers. It is designed to run
| applications that benefit from being close to the network
| layer, the company says.


Unisys, Oracle hone in on Linux conversions

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| On Tuesday, Unisys plans to announce an expansion of its relationship
| with Oracle to move mainframe and Unix deployments over to Linux and SOA.


Unisys aims to ride the wave of open source TIO

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| A focus on innovation, rather than cost, also enables users to
| avoid "fruitless debates about the five-year TCO of Microsoft and
| Linux" added Sparkes, noting that "really the movement is from proprietary
| to open source. What open source does give you that proprietary software
| can't is this potential for innovation."


Unisys Predicts 2007 Open Source Trends

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| According to Unisys experts, 2007 will be the year that open source 
| software attains the architectural backing and distribution channels needed 
| to gain acceptance from enterprise customers as a front-rank vehicle for 
| deploying enterprise applications to drive business growth and innovation 
| at a lower cost per transaction.


Unisys Open Source Migration Helps Leading UK Brokerage Streamline Operations
and Customer Service

,----[ Quote ]
| By moving its hardware platform, operating system and applications
| to a Linux environment on Unisys ES7000/one Enterprise Servers,
| Redmayne-Bentley has achieved a tenfold increase in processing power,
| an 88 percent reduction in overnight processing times and
| significantly enhanced security.


Unisys Becomes First Alfresco Software Platinum SI Partner

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| Unisys to offer application development services and open source
| ECM, augmenting successful global ECM solution and
| integration business


Almost open source at Unisys -- and with support

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| Open source can bring innovation like no other technology can, says
| Unisys head
| [...]
| "You often hear about Linux, but there are 103,000 other open source
| projects, which represent huge amounts of ideas and good coding,"
| he adds. 


Groundwork Open Source works with Unisys to launch solution in UK

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| Unisys has successfully integrated GroundWork Monitor Professional
| into the company's Unisys OASIS open source framework and is
| providing the solution to customers in the UK. GroundWork Open
| Source, which deliveres open source systems and network
| management software, recently announced a global OEM deal
| with Unisys to allow it to offer GroundWork Monitor
| Professional as a new component of the Unisys Open and
| Secure Integrated Solutions (OASIS) framework.


Unisys Joins Newly Formed Open Solutions Alliance

,----[ Quote ]
| "Our short term goals focus on increasing adoption of open
| source applications inside the business world," Klawans stated.
| When companies are using open source products, it's almost
| exclusively Linux and Apache -- sometimes PHP or Tomcat, he
| added. "It's never applications. That's a problem facing the
| open source industry."

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