[News] Linux-based Nokia N900 Shows Anyone Can Use GNU/Linux Now

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Linux in your hand; from geeks only to consumer friendly mass market

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux is not new to the mobile phone world, 
| but in the past the majority of Linux-based 
| phones were sold in China or were feature 
| phones with “hidden” Linux builds, such as 
| the Motorola RAZR2 V8, MotoZine ZN5, and 
| Motorola ROKRs. Companies have taken the 
| power of Linux and are bringing that to the 
| mass market with these latest smartphones. 
| These Linux-based operating systems are 
| attractive to device makers because of the 
| free or relatively inexpensive licensing 
| agreements. We also see some of these high 
| end Linux-based operating systems being 
| quite open, primarily when looking at 
| Google Android and Nokia Maemo 5 and 6. 
| Palm’s WebOS is primarily a closed system 
| at this time.


Nokia N900 hype refuses to die down despite global launch delay

,----[ Quote ]
| The hype surrounding the anticipated launch 
| of Nokia's flagship N900 smartphone is 
| refusing to die down despite the Finnish 
| mobile phone maker saying shipping of the 
| smartphone has been delayed till November.



Nokia N900 Becomes More Desirable

,----[ Quote ]
| For those who’ve missed the vast coverage of
| the Nokia N900 it’s a new Linux based handset
| that uses the latest in Internet Tablet
| technology.


Videos and details reveal features of the Nokia N900 Internet Tablet

,----[ Quote ]
| As you can see the Nokia N900 is a very capable
| device, even with this early software build
| currently loaded on it. I plan to post many
| more videos and thoughts on other areas of the
| device so stay tuned for more coverage. Please
| do let me know if you have any questions on the
| N900 and I will try to answer those as well. I
| am working on a post related to the N900 and
| enterprise usage for posting here.


What extra functionality would you most like to see in the Nokia N900?

,----[ Quote ]
| Yesterday we posted a story calling for
| your suggestions on what we should do
| with the N900 when we finally get hold of
| ours. The response has been overwhelming
| – in less than 24 hours over 80 of you
| have shared your ideas, leaving heaps of
| smart suggestions (read them all here),
| and they’re still flooding in.


Hands On Nokia N900 smartphone demo

,----[ Quote ]
| We managed to get a little quality time with the
| Nokia N900 smartphone running Maemo and Linux. This
| smartphone, sporting killer specs and 3G HSDPA for T-
| Mobile US and Europe should begin shipping in the
| next few weeks. Notice how quick the device is when
| switching between desktop screens and applications--
| the multitasking is very impressive thanks to 256
| megs of RAM and virtual memory that brings it up to 1
| gig of application RAM.


Nokia N900 – Top of the Hacks

,----[ Quote ]
| Push N900 invites hackers, mods, creatives, and coders to push
| the Linux powered N900 to its limits and if you haven’t
| already begun creating your masterpiece you should probably
| get cracking, as the competition, in which you can get your
| hands on a Nokia N900 and funding to realise your designs,
| ends on the 11th October.


Nokia N900 Gets Full Review

,----[ Quote ]
| The Nokia N900 takes the functionality of the
| older Nokia Tablet devices and repackages them
| into a slimmed down PDA device that features some
| design similarities with the Nokia N97. So, we
| get a full QWERTY keyboard sans the tilted slide
| function, 3.5-inch touchscreen but with a higher
| resolution. However, the real added bonus is the
| powerful Linux Maemo OS. Needless to say, we
| can’t wait to get our hands on especially now the
| first full-on reviews are appearing.

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My Linux is not your Linux
To the denizens of comp.os.linux.advocacy! So many people demonstrate in this newsgroup that they know only a Linux of Hatred and Greed, of paranoia, and of a selfish sense of entitlement. They seem always to be behaving like monkeys in reaction to human dissenters, throwing feces at one another and beating their chests pretending to know something. My Linux is not that Linux. My Linux is the Linux of Love, of sharing, friendship, community. It is a uniquely human Linux and not one for monkeys. When I speak with fellow Linux users in real life (i.e. not in the monkeyhouse of COLA) they remind me of myself: practical, freedom-loving, anti-corporate. Here in COLA however they remind me of monkeys or spoiled brats or worse, corporate sysadmins. My Linux is not your Linux. It is the human Linux that acknowledges that Linux involves human work to create, that although it is free you are not entitled to it, that although it is created in large part by volunteers, they deserve to be paid for their gifts with at least gratitude. And that monkeys and self-entitled brats and sysadmins never thank anyone. yarmfelder@yahoo.com writes: > To the denizens of comp.os.linux.advocacy! You crossposted to gnu.misc.discuss. > My Linux is not your Linux. It is the human Linux > that acknowledges that Linux involves human work > to create, that although it is free you are not > entitled to it, that although it is created in large part > by volunteers, they deserve to be pa...

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NSA releases Linux-based open source infosec tool
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Dell adds Pluribus, brings Linux-based OS to its data center switches
Dell has added Pluribus Networks to its lineup of disaggregation partners.

Project Magenta is Linux-based mobile OS that aims to replicate iOS on generic hardware
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Linux-based HP Mini Mi ships with command line disabled
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Nokia: Linux-Based Smart Phone Takes On The iPhone
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Dell releases Linux-based XPS 13 Developer Edition ultrabook
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Valve unveils SteamOS – a free, Linux-based gaming platform for the living room
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