[News] [Linux] ELive Release; New Alpha of Skype for Linux, Linux for Musicians

Elive 0.6.8 development released

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| If it is not possible for you to download via torrent, please ask for
| the ISO download on the #elive channel in your xchat.


Skype for Linux 1.4 Alpha release

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| Today, we have released Skype for Linux 1.4 Alpha, a test version
| which will give you a sneak-peek into how the next major release for
| Linux will function.


JackLab - A Linux Distro For Musicians

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| The developers of JackLab have released the third alpha version of
| this Linux distribution. JackLab is designed for musicians and
| producers and includes some 70 audio applications. It is based on 
| openSUSE 10.2 using a realtime kernel derived from version 2.6.19.


Another Opensuse derivative, independent from Novell. The KDE 4 Live CD is
based on Opensuse as well.
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