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30 Days with Mac OS X

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| In my earlier evaluation of Ubuntu Linux, I wrote: "Linux has some
| glaring flaws, but it also has some amazing capabilities that can't
| be found anywhere else - at least without spending a lot of money."
| It would be accurate here to say: "Mac OS X has some amazing 
| capabilities, but you spend a lot of money." Indeed, it seems 
| the preferred method for solving Mac computer problems is to buy 
| your way out of it. Slow computer? Buy a new one. Want to convert 
| a file? Buy a utility. Want to do simple tasks? Buy a commercial 
| program. Peripherals don't work? Buy replacements. 


His review of Vista must have given Microsoft some terror.
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Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:

> His review of Vista must have given Microsoft some terror.

It was pretty brutal, nearly on a par with Kadaicha Man's, but without
the camels.


| Vista | 3D Desktop | Cheap : Choose two.

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