[News] [Linux] Has Novell's Lost IBM's Backing?

Virtualization: IBM Sticks Novell in the Corner

,----[ Quote ]
| So Novell - which got into Linux on IBM's nickel - has wandered off the 
| reservation and is now hugging Microsoft, IBM's heredity enemy, around the 
| knees seeking market redemption.
| [...]
| So now IBM, which brought Novell into the mix so Red Hat wouldn't
| turn into another Microsoft, has cut a deal with Red Hat "to
| encourage the dramatic growth of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on IBM
| System z mainframes" - according to the lead sentence in the
| Wednesday press release.
| Makes one think the Armonk carrier pigeon just pooped on Novell's new hat.


Also new:

Questions on IBM's Business Model

,----[ Quote ]
| My question does not appear to have been raised (caveat: I have not
| read all 1039). What is the connection between IBM's FOSS-oriented
| business strategy and its current concern over its competitive postion?
| IBM's strategy has been to promote FOSS, especially Apache and Linux,
| and then make money from selling (1) proprietary applications to
| connect to them; (2) hardware on which both the operating system
| and aps run; (3) integration services, using a very broad-based
| concept that equates IT processes with overall business processes.

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Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> | So now IBM, which brought Novell into the mix so Red Hat wouldn't
> | turn into another Microsoft, has cut a deal with Red Hat 

Think of IBM as Tom Cruise.

Think of Novell as Katie Holmes.

Novell is growing, advancing, and IBM can't keep her "down on the farm".

jabailo (8241)
5/13/2007 2:38:01 AM

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