[News] [Linux] Intel Upset About 'Fat' Windows, Will Use Linux

Intel on $100 laptops, smartphones and the Ne

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| The chips Intel is designing are intended to run Windows XP,
| though Chandrasekher said he is frustrated that Microsoft has not
| yet delivered a small-scale version of the operating system. He
| also said that many of these devices will run on Linux.



Intel to unveil Linux based UMPCs next week

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| With the success of the Pepper Pad and the Nokia N800, it certainly
| appears that Intel is recognizing some opportunities and UI challenges
| faced with a Windows based solution. In any regards, it will be
| interesting to watch what happens in the market place.


Intel Seen Using China Forum to Detail Plans on Hand-Helds

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| That software effort does not have the support of Mr. Otellini, who
| is concerned about incurring Microsoft's wrath, the executive said.
| The two companies have a long history of tension over who controls
| the hardware and software direction of the "Wintel standard." Intel
| has said it is supporting both operating systems.

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