[News] [Linux] Japans Makes Linux More Secure, India Builds Own Linux

CREST Begins Project to Increase Linux Security and Reliability

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| Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) fortifies a project aimed
| at strengthening security and reliability of Linux and other embedded
| OSs as part of its "CREST (Core Research for Evolutional Science
| and Technology)" initiative.


Getting to know the Indian Linux

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| Mr. Mathew added that the development team intended to localise
| the OS into all 22 official Indian languages. "The move is aimed
| to provide computer access to country's non-English speaking
| masses," he added.



BOSS Linux

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| BOSS is a Linux distribution developed specifically for the Indian 
| environment to enhance the use of Free/Open Source Software in the
| country. BOSS Linux consists of an easy to use desktop environment,
| English/Indian language support and other packages that are most 
| relevant for the use in the government domain.
| Future versions of BOSS will support the educational domain as well.
| BOSS Linux is developed by C-DAC team and their ultimate goal is to
| localize it into all 22 official Indian languages so that Information
| Technology can reach even the non-English speaking masses that are
| denied its benefits today.


Linux hot at top Japanese embedded conference

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| Japan's largest embedded conference of the year reportedly
| featured a growing number of Linux-related demonstrations,
| compared to previous years.


Japanese Government to Embrace Linux

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| Oracle Japan is said to be leading the effort, which could launch
| as early as next month.


Oracle, IBM, NEC to market Linux in Japan: Nikkei

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| Major information technology firms, including Oracle Corp., IBM Corp. and
| NEC Corp., will set up a consortium to sell servers and systems running
| the Linux operating system in Japan, a financial daily said on
| Thursday.


Schools across Japan may switch to Linux

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| Japan's public broadcaster NHK reported late last week that the
| Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry plans to introduce
| the open-source operating system Linux for use within classrooms
| across the country in the near future.


Microsoft foresees more suits in Japan

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| A legal battle between Microsoft and Japanese anti-monopoly authorities
| is likely to conclude next year and might lead to lawsuits or other 
| patent infringement complaints against the U.S. software company,
| an executive said Thursday.
| [...]
| Microsoft has been slapped with hefty fines by European Union regulators,
| who have said Microsoft broke competition laws and abused its dominant
| market position.


OpenLogic Extends Reach in Japan with Ashisuto Strategic Partnership

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| Under the agreement, OpenLogic will provide support to Ashisuto
| customers for hundreds of open source packages.

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