[News] [Linux] Linux-based Recording Studio and Linux at the Indy 500

Daniel James interview (LXF 93)

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| Daniel James is the project directory of the audio distro 64 Studio. He set 
| up 64 Studio Ltd to provide development services to hardware OEMs, and 
| support to users in studios. James also runs a Linux-based recording studio 
| near his home on the Isle of Wight.


Push for Indy 500's first TeamLinux car stirs controversy

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| Tux500 has grabbed the attention of at least one person outside the
| Linux community, who has set up a competing project called Vista500.
| Speaking to Linux.com under the condition that we did not reveal
| his identity, he says, "I don't know what kind of backlash this
| effort might have. Actually I'm surprised it's taken off at all. I
| just happened into the site and thought, 'How come that never seems
| to happen for all the folks who actually paid for their operating
| system?' A race between Vista and the other guys seems fitting to
| me." He says he has collected some names, but that the response
| from Microsofties has been slow. "I'm noticing a decided lack
| of interest, which I'm kind of stunned by."



64 Studio 1.3.0 'Let Me Take You to the Beach' Released!

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| 64 Studio is a GNU/Linux distribution tailor-made for digital
| content creation, including audio, video, graphics and
| publishing tools.


[Tux 500:] WE are Linux!

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| We are going to put a car in the Indianapolis 500, you and I...
| because WE are Linux!


Tux 500 Linux Marketing Program Breaks $10,000 Funding Threshold

,----[ Quote ]
| The Tux 500 program seeks to build public awareness for the Linux
| computer operating system by taking a visible role in the event,
| which unfolds throughout the month of May at the world famous
| Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

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