[News] [Linux] Linux Gets Prettier, Mac OS X Plays Catch-up

H-K Suite [EN]

,----[ Quote ]
| Suite H-K is an union of skins, themes, icons, scripts and 
| configuration files which got the purpose to create an elegant, 
| linear Desktop. Differently from meny other dark themes, I tried 
| to avoid reading problems in most commons programs. Here are some 
| screenshot from version 0.1.


Apple's latest catchup:

[Apple's 'Beryl/XGL']

,----[ Quote ]
| With Mac OS X, you can multitask like never before. You can run 
| several applications at once and have multiple windows open at the 
| same time very easily. But when it comes to trying to find 
| something specific, sorting through all of those open applications 
| and windows can become time consuming and frustrating at best.

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