[News] Linux Mint 2.2 KDE Edition Review; Foresight Linux 1.2 Released

Review: Linux Mint 2.2 Beta 020 "Bianca KDE Edition"

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| While it is always nice to have another Linux distribution, because
| choice is good, I didn't see any compelling reason to use Linux Mint
| over the Ubuntu which it is based off of. The look is slightly
| different, with some different configuration options here and there.
| I can't really say it offers anything special over Ubuntu, but you never
| know, there are no doubt future improvements that the Linux Mint team
| will make. Hopefully they fix the video driver issue so I can try it
| out on my desktop.


[Foresight Linux 1.2 Released]

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| Foresight Linux 1.2 is out!



Linux Mint "Bianca" KDE Edition Beta 020: A Small Review

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| Linux Mint is an Ubuntu-based distro whose goal in life, per its
| website, "is to produce an elegant, up to date and comfortable
| GNU/Linux desktop distribution." The developers have released
| both GNOME-based and KDE-based versions in the past, and their
| latest version, v2.2 "Bianca," is already final in its GNOME
| incarnation. They just released a beta version of "Bianca KDE
| Edition" using KDE v3.5.6. The final version is to be released
| later this month.


"Bianca KDE Edition" - BETA 020

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| This is the first release candidate for the KDE Edition of Bianca.
| The Stable release is planned for the 20/04/2007. 


Foresight Linux Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1 (March 2007)

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| Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Foresight Linux Newsletter!
| Within each edition we will bring you a report about what's
| happening with Foresight Linux, including release news, security
| updates, tips and tricks you may not have known, Foresight in the
| press, and highlight one package in detail. 


Foresight LiveCD GNOME 2.17.92

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| Today marks the release of GNOME 2.18.0, and to commemorate today's
| release we have posted some screenshots from the Foresight LiveCD
| 2.17.92 GNOME Release Candidate, which is designed to be a demo
| GNOME LiveCD. This is also Foresight's first attempt at creating
| a bootable CD image.


Foresight Linux (Review)

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| I'm really impressed - as a long time Ubuntu user, this is the first
| distro that really makes me consider switching.


Review: Foresight Linux 1.0

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| Installation of Foresight Linux was a snap. Under VMware Fusion
| Beta on my MacBook Pro and on my Athlon 64 x2 system with GeForce
| 7800GT the installation was flawless. The graphical installer
| popped up cleanly on both and easily walked me through the
| installation process with minimal questions.

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