[News] Linux Mobile Phones Get New Features; Another Linux Smart Phone PDA from Motorola

Red Bend Software and Trolltech to Bring Over-the-Air Software Component
Management to Linux Mobile Phones

,----[ Quote ] 
| Mobile phones have become sophisticated communications and multi-media 
| devices. As functionality increases, so too does the amount of software 
| inside mobile phones. Operators, manufacturers and software developers need 
| the flexibility and control to update, add, change and remove any software 
| component inside the mobile phone at any point during the device's lifetime.    


Motorola MOTOMING A1600 3G GPS Linux Smart Phone PDA

,----[ Quote ]
| Motorola announces their new PDA phones, MOTOMING A1600 SmartPhone. The next 
| generation of motorola MOTOMING A1200 with enhanced features. 


Quote for the day:

"One person in Helsinki can quickly write the core of a sophisticated operating

                --John Warden, lead attorney at Microsoft


Mot demo's Linux-based DVB-H handheld

,----[ Quote ]
| Motorola has announced a personal media player (PMP) and related broadcast 
| transmission equipment based on the emerging wireless TV broadcast standard, 
| DVB-H (digital video broadcast, handhelds). The Linux-based Mobile TV DH01 
| handheld will enable the viewing of live, on-demand, and recorded programs, 
| says Motorola.    


MOTOMING 2 Has Arrived As Update By Motorola 

,----[ Quote ]
| The first MOTOMING (Motorola A1200) was quite the nice handheld, because it 
| ran on Linux and had a cool business card recognition program that would 
| automatically insert all of that pertinent information into a phonebook 
| contact.   


Motorola to introduce next-generation Linux-based Ming handsets in 2Q08

,----[ Quote ]
| Motorola plans to launch its next-generation Linux-based "Ming" handsets in 
| the second quarter of 2008, with the hand input intelligence handsets to be 
| available in both high-end and entry-level versions, according to Bill Chen, 
| general manager of of mobile device business at Motorola Taiwan. Previously, 
| the Ming was released only in a high-end version.    


Linux the fastest-growing smartphone OS

,----[ Quote ]
| Meanwhile, in the world's largest mobile phone market (China), Linux already 
| has a 30 percent share, CCID Consulting Company said in March. 


Motorola sees Linux as its mobile mainstay

,----[ Quote ]
| Cell phones traditionally have used proprietary operating systems, fragmented 
| even among one manufacturer's products. Motorola and other vendors have also 
| opened up phone platforms through the Java and BREW software environments. 
| Linux will help to further expand the community of developers for software, 
| which is becoming an increasingly important part of mobile phones, said 
| Christy Wyatt, vice president of ecosystem and market development at 
| Motorola. The company has shipped about 9 million Linux handsets in the past 
| four years and is now extending the OS down from smartphones to midrange 
| handsets such as the Razr2.        


Motorola wins $394 million in China Mobile deals

,----[ Quote ]
| Motorola sealed contracts worth $394 million in the first half of the year to 
| supply telecommunication gear to China Mobile, the larger of China's two 
| wireless carriers, the companies said Monday.  

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