[News] [Linux] MontaVista Claims to Have Shipped 35 Million Linux Devices

MontaVista asserts mobile Linux leadership

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| MontaVista Software announced today that its commercial Linux OS has
| shipped in 35 million mobile devices, including 15 million last year.
| Additionally, it said it ranked fourth overall among mobile operating
| system providers in terms of revenue, according to figures compiled
| by Venture Development Corp. (VDC).


Who Leads The Real-time Linux Niche?  

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| "Linux was not designed to be a real-time system by any means and
| when we started MontaVista in 1999 it clearly had no real-time
| capability," Ready told internetnews.com. "Since then, there has
| been a continuous process in which MontaVista has been an active
| and continuous contributor."


Here comes the punch line that whacks Microsoft, right out of its own mouth.

Microsoft: Why Not Use Your Phone as a Cheap PC?

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| While the PDA has existed as a sort of mini-PC for years, Microsoft
| said it would encourage phone manufacturers to formalize the
| transition of the phone to a mobile PC. 


Microsoft does very badly in this market. Once again, it finds itself unable
to evolve.


After the Desktop -- What?

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| I would suggest that the open source community should stop obsessing
| with the battle for the desktop, and start focusing on the battle for
| the platform that will replace it. As I have said before, the day
| will soon come when the notion of having to go to a particular 
| machine on a particular room every time you need access to
| information or computer power will be as obsolete as the notion
| of having to go to the hand pump over the well in the front
| yard every time you need water.

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