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64-Bit Linux Spotlighted at Gelato ICE: Itanium Conference & Expo

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| Attendee favorites included keynotes on Linux kernel development for
| Itanium architecture by the Linux 2.6 kernel maintainer, Andrew
| Morton, and the Itanium processor vision and roadmap by Intel's
| James Fister.


More Fun With Printing

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| Overall, if you choose your printers carefully, printing on
| Linux is powerhouse, and getting better all the time.



Meet the new Linux kernel: 2.6.21

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| It took longer than Linux creator Linus Torvalds would have liked,
| but the latest Linux kernel, version 2.6.21, has arrived. It brings
| many minor and major changes in how Linux handles process scheduling
| and time.


Free Linux Driver Development!

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| Yes, that's right, the Linux kernel community is offering all
| companies free Linux driver development. No longer do you have
| to suffer through all of the different examples in the Linux
| Device Driver Kit, or pick through the thousands of example
| drivers in the Linux kernel source tree trying to determine
| which one is the closest to what you need to do.


Is There Perfection in The Linux Kernel?

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| In a perfect world, you could compile a brand-new Linux kernel
| without the need for much configuration and without error.
| According to Linus Torvalds, the new 2.6.19 Linux kernel is such
| an entity.
| "It's one of those rare "perfect" kernels," Torvalds wrote in a
| Linux kernel mailing list posting announcing the new kernel.


WPA wireless "just works" in Ubuntu 7.04

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| Windows XP is normally thought to have great support for wireless
| networks. This is true for some networks, but many secure
| wireless networks require the user to perform multiple complex
| steps to configure the correct security and authentication
| settings. To see what I mean, just look at these instructions
| to connect to various University wireless networks.
| On the other hand, the Mac OS X interface looks very similar
| to Ubuntu 7.04. Just like Ubuntu, it will allow you to
| painlessly connect to secure wireless networks.


Ubuntu and wireless - now better than Windows!

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| For years, Linux has had a reputation of being notoriously bad for
| wireless access, whether through access points, ad-hoc, whatever.
| But the new KWirelessNetwork applet thats included in the new
| Kubuntu beta is just incredible.

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