[News] [Linux] Red Hat Brings Linux to Singapore

Donorweb Draws On Red Hat to Promote Blood Donation and Retain Blood Donors
in Singapore

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| The content management system and more than 90 percent of the 
| online applications on Donorweb are developed using open source 
| software by a team of volunteers. The system and applications are 
| hosted on two Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers located across
| Singapore and the US. S.P.T. Krishnan, a Red Hat Certified Engineer
| (RHCE), leads the voluntary team of developers and content editors
| and oversees the design of Donorweb's user interfaces and system
| architecture.



Building Singapore's National Grid

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| Gt: Sticking with Gelato's "Linux on Itanium" focus, I'm wondering how
| Linux played into these projects. Is Linux the common OS across the
| NGO's various projects?
| LEE: In setting up the NGPP, we make use of existing computational
| resources, which resulted in a heterogeneous grid. As all theser
| esources (including several Itanium clusters belonging to several
| participating organizations) use Linux as the OS, Linux as the common
| OS is an obvious choice.

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