[News] Linux's Increasing Domination in Devices and the Year of GNU/Linux

The Year of Linux

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| Linux absolutely is doing well in embedded devices, and I'm sure that trend 
| is going to continue. But Linux has not yet regained the ground that Unix 
| lost in the SMB application market. Back in the 80's and even into the 90's, 
| that market was strongly pro-Unix. A lot of it was SCO, of course, because 
| this was all before Linux existed. Microsoft took that market away, but I see 
| no reason that Linux couldn't take it back - Linux SHOULD take it back 
| because Linux servers make much more sense than Microsoft and of course cost 
| far less.       
| This is a market where the GUI arguments (KDE, Gnome) don't really matter - 
| in most cases you'd want your application controlled through a web interface. 
| It's really foolish to do anything else in any but the most unusual 
| circumstances and of course the big benefit is platform independence: you get 
| free from the tyranny of Microsoft but also don't have to force customers off 
| it.     



Four billion embedded systems shipped in '06

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