[News] [Linux] Sun is Hunting for Linux Servers, But Keeps Losing Space to Linux

Sun Microsystems launches new Enterprise Services Plan

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun is striving to establish its Solaris Unix operating system as 
| an alternative to Linux. Unlike other vendors, Sun promotes its 
| version of Unix as an open, non-hardware-aligned platform. 


It has just lost to Linux again.

Burbank Gets Higher Performance In Move To Blade Servers

,----[ Quote ]
| Other advantages were inherent in the blade server architecture. For 
| one, applications that ran on Solaris were consolidated on to a Linux 
| blade, which left one less OS to maintain, and fewer software licenses,
| Saraswat said. A server outage was also easier to handle because a 
| broken blade could be swapped out with a spare.

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