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Editor's Note: the Quest for the Perfect Desktop Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Naturally, the perfect Linux is different for 
| every user. I want something that Terry can use 
| without having vexing little problems cropping 
| up all the time. It is enough work learning to 
| use applications like Audacity, Ardour, Digikam, 
| and OpenOffice without also having to babysit a 
| colicky Linux. It seems to me that the "noob-
| friendly" distros like Ubuntu, Mandriva, and 
| openSUSE start out great, but the more you use 
| them the more weird little glitches they 
| exhibit. I want something with a reasonable 
| degree of sanity, and something I can fix 
| without having to untangle mare's nests of 
| distro-specific "improvements."
| These are my criteria for the perfect desktop 
| Linux distro:
|     * Rolling releases and continual upgrades. I 
|     think fresh installs with new releases are 
|     silly and should be done only when it's 
|     absolutely necessary, like a system that is 
|     hopelessly messed-up. A good Linux gets 
|     better with age, it's not like Windows which 
|     runs down like a cheap wind-up clock.
|     * Reasonably fresh package versions
|     * Stable
|     * Easy to maintain
|     * Active dev team and community



German Foreign Ministry starts open source blitzkreig

,----[ Quote ]
| "The embassies in Japan and Korea have completely switched over, the embassy
| in Madrid has been exclusively using GNU/Linux since October last year," said
| Rolf Schuster, a diplomat at the German Embassy in Madrid.


US ambassador to the EU was former Microsoft lobbyist

,----[ Quote ]
| Before C. Boyden Gray was named as George Bush's number one person in
| Europe, he was a lawyer lobbying on behalf of Microsoft.

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