[News] Making Linux Look Like OS X Couldn't be Easier

[New article, for those who are hooked on the Mac looks]

Make Your Linux Desktop Look Like A Mac - Mac4Lin Project Documentation

,----[ Quote ]
| Do you want to give your desktop a dash of Mac OS X? Do you want to change 
| your GNOME desktop from the default look to something like this? 


For KDE: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=8692


[Opinion] Switch to Linux? No. Get a Mac Clone.

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm a marketing guy, and I look at everything in my world from a marketing 
| perspective. From that perspective I think this whole "Switch to Linux" 
| thing is unnecessarily hard work - so I take an easier approach to help 
| people move in that direction.
| [...]
| And to finish this article, Kudos to Linux. I get two reactions when
| people look at the desktop on my Laptop and Desktop. One is.. "Er.. is
| that a Mac?" and the other is "Why don't you just buy a Mac?". Well
| kudos is due, because I don't NEED to buy a Mac. I can get the Mac
| look and feel, which I like, and the massive productivity boost of
| the desktop cube ( and enjoyable extras ) even on my three year
| old HP laptop.


The last Linux adoption barrier is marketing

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM gave us the Linux boy” ads. Like all IBM ads, they are convoluted and 
| make little sense. Frankly, those ads would have been better suited for 
| Wikipedia. A little boy swiftly absorbing the wisdom, advice, and information 
| of the ages? Yeah, Wikipedia ad, but at the end of the ad, I would have no 
| idea what Linux is.    

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